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Fleet insurance van-Guide to Insuring your Van Fleet

by Nathan Zachary
Fleet insurance van

What does the fleet insurance van policy cover?

In contrast to insuring vehicles separately, a fleet insurance van gives you the freedom to add temporary vehicles to your policy, such as for a few weeks at a time.

New vehicles can be added to your insurance, and they will be covered up to the time of renewal. Individual policies require you to purchase new insurance each time you buy a new vehicle.

You might need custom insurance, or you might want to think about a coverage that covers all of your vehicles for any driver who is older than a specific age. For your business cars, you might require coverage for any driver who is older than 21. However, you might limit coverage for those vehicles to any driver who is at least 30 if your automobiles are only driven by older executives (or whatever the relevant age restriction would be). Your overall insurance costs may be decreased by customizing your coverage in this way.

What is insurance for fleets?

Cars, lorries, and other large commercial vehicles up to 44 tonnes can be insured with fleet insurance at a reasonable price. It is typically intended for fleets with 2 to 15 vehicles, however, if you need coverage for a bigger fleet with more than 15 vehicles, we can make arrangements. Fleet cars can be registered in the company, partner, or director’s name, allowing you to cover your entire operation under a single policy with a single renewal date. To get an estimate, apply for a fleet insurance quote.

Small fleet insurance gives you flexibility because it allows you to cover both personal and business vehicles under a single policy. We can also set up mixed-coverage insurance policies, allowing you to select which of your fleet’s vehicles are covered.

What are some uses for fleet van insurance?

Commercial fleet insurance van comes in two different categories. These consist of:

Haulage and Courier: If your company uses several vans to transport items over long distances without fleet insurance, you may be putting more burden on yourself than is necessary. You are protected if you are transporting another company’s goods for delivery and payment.

Carriage of Own Goods: If you are transporting equipment or other materials for your own business, this coverage would explicitly cover you while you are driving a van.

How much is insurance for fleet vans?

Van insurance is required by law, but will it be affordable for your company? Having specialized, all-inclusive insurance for your fleet of vans will liberate, Instead of managing insurance for each of your cars separately, having specialized, comprehensive insurance for your van fleet will free up your time.

It might be challenging to keep track of payments for each individual van in your fleet. In order to prevent skipping payments, losing money, and freeing up time overall, opting to pay one cost-effective, annual payment is essential. To get a competent fleet insurance policy, get in touch with us or simply call at 0161 711 0066.

Fleet van insurance premiums are based on:

  • The number of drivers and their driving experience
  • the size of your fleet
  • the type of vans do you want to insure
  • the excess amount, and the type of coverage you pick with us

We would be delighted to speak with you about the details of your fleet insurance van and the potential costs of a policy. Simply get in touch with us to discuss it in more detail.

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