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Tips For Planning Your Perfect Road Trip to Florida

by Nathan Zachary

There is something the thought of a trip to Florida awakens in each one of us. It’s like the little kid in you comes to life and starts screaming can we go already! Whether it’s Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, or any other city. Florida looks you in the eye and promises one thing, just one thing, a good time.

You have decided to head to Florida for a deserved break from the rat race that is everyday life. Whether alone or with friends, for the trip to be successful there are essential things you must consider when planning the trip. Let’s discuss some of those tips that you should consider when planning your road trip to Florida.

Decide the Duration of Your Stay

Before your trip, you have to decide on the duration of your stay. This will in among other things help you in deciding the number of clothing and other personal effects to bring along. Your duration of stay will also influence your program on the places to visit. If it’s a short stay you will have to visit fewer places as opposed to a long stay.

Plan for Your Means of Transportation

Your means of mobility as you move around will also be crucial and in our case being a road trip, a car will be our ideal mode of transport. You can either use your car or rent one. If you are renting you have to make plans in advance so that you may among other things know the rental rates, their locations for drop-offs, pick-ups, and the different policies the rental companies have. This will in the end help you save money on car rental.

Let’s say you come from a different state and your pick-up point is in your state but you want to drop -off the car and go back home by flight. In this case, you will have to know the nearest location of your car rental company to the airport where you plan to take your flight back home. This is where planning in advance will help you.

If you are using Alamo for example as your rental car provider and Tampa airport is where you will take your flight home. Then you will have to know where the alamo car rentals Tampa airport location is, which in the end might save you time and money in extra charges for late drop-off.

Let’s look at the car rental companies in Florida and their rates.


Know Where You Will Stay

After knowing and making plans for your means of transportation you have to know where you will be staying for the duration of your visit. Popular places to stay include apartments, hostels, and hotels. They all come with different rates depending on size, location, and services offered. Ensure you book in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Have a List of Places to Visit

Create a list of the place you intend to visit and get to know their locations. Let’s say you want to visit Universal studios and also want to Visit Walt Disney which is in Orlando. Having a list will help you in planning so that you don’t leave Orlando and go all the way to Miami then remember you were to visit Universal studios which is in Orlando yet you were at Disneyland in Orlando and didn’t remember.

Understand the Laws in Florida

Get to know the laws in Florida. Understanding the laws on speed limits, driving under the influence, and insurance will help a great deal so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side and you end up spoiling your trip. If you are renting a car in Tampa you have to know the rules governing car rental in Tampa. Toll charges, young driver fees, and additional driver charges are among the things you should be in the know-how.


For the perfect road trip, a lot goes into planning. From knowing the duration of your trip which will help you in packing, to deciding on your means of mobility and planning for it in advance and for the case of using a rental car, comparing prices from the many companies you can rent a car in the USA. Make a list of the places you want to visit and know the rules in Florida. All that will remain after you have ticked all the boxes is you, the car, and the miles ahead. Let the rubber meet the road.

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