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Get the funeral flower delivery in Florida

by Nathan Zachary
Get the funeral flower delivery in Florida

Flowers can express any emotion in a sensitive way- be they happy or sad. Sympathy and funeral flowers are a requirement for occasions when we want to show our support and empathy for others. With suitable flowers, it becomes easier to express our condolence and respect for the deceased person. With beautiful flowers, we can also help the grief-stricken family members who just lost their loved ones.

Here are some popular flowers that you can offer as funeral bouquets to your close ones.

Popular flower shops near The Villages Florida have an extensive collection of these flowers and more.


Lilies are associated with reincarnation and new beginnings. This is why lilies are a great gift for the family of the deceased. It will help them look forward to a better tomorrow and start things afresh amidst this trying time. White lilies are very popular funeral flowers, although pink and yellow ones are also common. A hand-tied bouquet with calla lilies or Asiatic lilies looks very beautiful, and it will definitely help bring a smile to sad faces.


Carnations, especially white carnations have a deep connection with spirituality. This is why white carnations are very common for funeral flower arrangements such as a funeral spray or wreath. Red and white carnations are often used as a more affordable alternative to roses. Plantation Flower Designs is one of the most popular florists in The Villages who specialize in funeral flowers. If you are looking to order these flowers online, head straight to their website and place your order.


White flowers are often associated with grief in Asian countries like China, Japan, and India. White chrysanthemums are one of the most common flowers used for funerals in Asian countries as well as in the Americas. Other colors of this flower include pink, yellow, and red which are used in funerals.


Roses are of course another extremely common funeral flower. Red and white roses are deeply associated with the Christian religion, so, devoted Christians often use red and white roses to form Funeral flower crosses or casket sprays. White roses also denote spirituality and peace. Yellow roses are associated with affection and friendship. pink flowers denote closeness of relationship and admiration, and red roses signify intense love and passion. Based on these symbolisms, you can choose a suitable flower color for a funeral that will signify your relationship with the deceased person.


Both white and blue hydrangeas are commonly used in many funeral flower arrangements such as funeral wreaths, casket sprays, and standing flower arrangements. These tiny flowers form a bush of blooms that look voluminous when used in a flower arrangement. So, they are often used as filler flowers. For a quick and prompt Oxford flower delivery, try out Plantation Flower Designs.


Forget-me-not is a classic symbol of remembrance and commemoration. Although it is not one of the most common funeral flowers, its symbolisms make it a worthy candidate for a place in your condolence or sympathy flower bouquet. By offering a bunch of forget-me-nots, you can show your respect and tribute to the deceased. It is also a way of honoring the beautiful memories that you shared with the person and saying that you will never forget them.

Now getting funeral flowers in The Villages FL is easier than ever with Plantation Flower Designs. They not only deliver to your doorstep, but also serve in nearby funeral homes, hospitals, public halls, and other places where you might need them to get delivered. With amazing services and premium products, they are one of the best florists in town. Order online now!

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