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Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer

by Nathan Zachary

Ford Explorer, thanks to its eye-catching appearance, powerful engine and series of safety features, is currently the top-selling SUV model today. Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer right in the article will help readers get more objective information about this model.

Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer 01

Ford Explorer is highly appreciated for its eye-catching appearance and powerful engine.
Launched in 2016, Ford Explorer quickly became an SUV model that affirmed Ford’s brand position thanks to its aggressive, high-class and American-style appearance. To further assert market share, on January 11, 2022, the new generation of Ford Explorer was officially introduced in Vietnam market.

It is known that in the new generation, Explorer received upgrades from the chassis system, design to engine, technology and performance. Along with that, the price of Ford Explorer 2022 also increased significantly compared to the old generation.

How many versions does Ford Explorer have? Ford Explorer car price
Ford Explorer is currently distributed genuine in Vietnam with 1 version. In the new generation, this model continues to be imported CBU from the US.

Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer 01

Ford Explorer offers 1 version only.
Currently, the price of Ford Explorer is listed at VND 2,366 billion, an increase of nearly VND 400 million compared to the old generation. The rolling price ranges from 2,605,980,700 – 2,672,300,000 VND depending on the registration location.

What colors does the Ford Explorer have?
Ford Explorer currently offers 4 color options: Blue, Black, Red and White. The price of the car according to each color option remains unchanged.

What competitors does Ford Explorer compete with?
Explorer is Ford’s largest SUV model in the Vietnamese market. The car has the same price range, and size E with rivals such as Toyota Prado, Volkswagen Teramont. Besides, competing with other SUVs such as Hyundai Palisade, KIA Sorento or Mazda CX-9.

Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer 02

The price of Ford Explorer is currently quite high compared to competitors.
The price of Ford Explorer is currently much higher than that of competitors. In which, Volkswagen Teramont is priced at 2,346 billion VND and lower than Toyota Land Cruiser Prado at 2,379 billion VND, Hyundai Palisade is priced at 1.87 billion VND, KIA Sorento is priced at 1,059 billion VND or Mazda CX-9 is priced at 1,855 billion VND. billions dong.

What engine does the Ford Explorer use?
Although the selling price has increased significantly, in return the new Ford Explorer possesses rich technology and the most powerful engine in the segment. Thereby putting pressure on competitors.

Specifically, Ford Explorer 2022 uses a refined 2.3L Ecoboost turbocharged engine, accompanied by a 10-speed automatic transmission. As a result, producing a maximum capacity of 297 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and maximum torque of 431.5 Nm at 2,500 rpm. The car uses Ford’s familiar 4WD four-wheel drive system.

Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer 03

Ford Explorer offers up to 7 driving modes.
In addition to the upgrade in engine power, the Ford Explorer 2022 is also impressively equipped with 7 different driving modes. Combined with the Terrain Management System terrain control system, it gives users a better driving feeling in difficult terrain situations.

Does Ford Explorer use fuel?
With today’s most powerful and modern engine, many people will worry that Ford Explorer will consume fuel. However, according to the announcement, this model has a desirable consumption level that competitors in the same segment will be jealous of.

Specifically, the fuel consumption of Ford Explorer in urban/out-of-town/combined road conditions is 15.7/8.58/11.2L/100km, respectively.

Details: Fuel consumption of Ford Explorer compared to competitors in the segment!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ford Explorer cars?
The new generation Ford Explorer thanks to outstanding improvements gives users an extremely attractive experience. Notable among them are advantages such as:

Strong, American-style appearanceSpacious and comfortable interior
High-class seating system
Large luggage compartment
Good off-road ability
Powerful engine
Many technologies and features to assist the driver.
Frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer 04

The Ford Explorer interior compartment has many highlights.
However, Ford Explorer also has certain limitations. In there:

The entertainment screen is smaller in size than competitors
3rd row seats are not really comfortable for adults
Only 1 version.
Above are frequently asked questions about Ford Explorer. Through here, readers must have had more objective information about this car model to be able to make the right choice.

In fact, with outstanding changes and improvements, Ford Explorer 2022 is currently one of the best-selling cars and is constantly in short supply in the Vietnamese market. This is really one of the interesting options for those who love American-style sports utility vehicles or want to experience a luxury car with many high-end amenities.

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Source: Autofun.vn

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