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You might need a ghost

by Nathan Zachary

Looking for a novel method to market your organization and develop its reputation with your target audiences? Perhaps you must locate a ghost.

No, I’m not recommending you join Scooby-Doo and Shaggy on a sinister tropical island (besides, we already know that the caretaker is the guilty party). Nor do I believe that an exorcism would improve your global headquarters.

I am discussing the marketing value of ghostwritten content. If you are unfamiliar with the word, a ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates articles with the byline of another author, such as you. For instance, many of the “authored” articles in periodicals by senior corporate executives are actually written by ghostwriters like book writing usa.


Why would someone contemplate such a strategy? First, you should be aware that trade magazines, association journals, and print and online business periodicals have a voracious appetite for well-written pieces on issues your organization’s experts know best.

Perhaps your engineer has devised a method that eliminates one of the most prevalent horrors in your clients’ industry. Perhaps your sales manager has in-depth expertise in one of your most important markets. Or your CEO may believe that your entire industry is unaware of the threats posed by a proposed piece of legislation. These are all excellent options for writing and submitting articles.


The publication of such articles can be a highly effective marketing tactic. In addition to providing awareness, the fact that an independent editor deemed the essay publication-worthy provides credibility to your message and demonstrates your competence. Prospects that are unable to remain still for a fast sales call will read a complete article and absorb more information than your greatest salesperson could provide. The article may even increase the prospects’ receptivity to the salesperson’s next call.

The value of articles extends beyond their publication. Intelligent organizations acquire reprints of the papers and disseminate them to their own lists of clients, prospects, and industry thought leaders. It is not uncommon for published authors to be invited to speak to trade groups or at industry conferences, as most people see publication as evidence of expertise.


However, the majority of businesses confront barriers while attempting to produce articles. For instance, your engineer may be an exceptionally intelligent woman, but you have difficulty understanding her notes without a dictionary. The more time your sales manager spends at the keyboard, the less time he spends observing the sales staff. And it is easier to secure a spot-on President Bush’s schedule than it is to secure ten minutes with your CEO.

These are all fantastic reasons for hiring a ghostwriter. Even if the executive or employee in issue is a skilled writer, writing is generally not the best use of his or her time. A plot that a professional writer can create in a couple of days may take your engineer over a week to build, delaying the completion of other, more vital tasks.

Outside Writer

An outside writer also gives a unique perspective. Too many organizations believe they understand how the outside world perceives them. However, an outsider will perceive you within the context of your industry and will be able to examine and challenge internal attitudes and preconceptions.

This may come as a surprise, but many editors would rather work with a seasoned ghostwriter than someone who has a different line of work. Ultimately, their objective is to generate information that is engaging and valuable to their audience. A skilled ghostwriter will offer the material in a more entertaining and relevant manner. And a busy editor is aware that a ghostwritten story will take less editing and polishing than a non-submission. writer’s

Some people believe that ghostwriting is fundamentally immoral or dishonest, and that it is improper for an executive to put his or her name on an article that he or she did not actually write.

However, a competent ghostwriter does not produce stuff out of thin air. A ghostwriter offers your knowledge in a manner that represents your attitude and personality. The procedure closely resembles speechwriting. Typically, I’ll do an in-person or telephone interview with the article’s “author” to gain a better understanding of the article’s substance, collect the data, and listen for subtleties in the way he or she expresses the points. These details frequently appear in the essay as phrases or tones that give the impression that the “author” wrote them.


The articles authored by individuals in your sector the next time you pick up a trade magazine or peruse an online publication such as this one. These articles, or similar ones, could have been authored by your executives or workers. Could your company benefit from the positive impressions and expert standing that these articles generate?

Perhaps it is time for you to join forces with a ghost of your own.

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