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From Morning To Night, The Kohls Makeup Is Essential

by Nathan Zachary
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There isn’t a week that passes that a glossy magazine doesn’t feature an article headlined “day to night” covering both pages. From the magazines I collect, it would seem that women are constantly looking for the perfect cosmetic collection that can keep in a drawer and transition us from the office to a crowded bar with the least amount of kohls free shipping code possible.

Heck, I’ve even joined in on the conversation by writing a few entries on it; the most recent contribution to the discussion is this “Desk till Dawn” edit. But after some consideration, I believe there is truly just one instrument that can accomplish everything.

Light Things Up And Take A Flash Photo

A kohl liner will smoky things up, offer a sweep of definition that is flash-photo friendly, and take approximately two minutes to apply. I’ll explain. For me, the transition from daily makeup to nighttime makeup is when I notice things getting a little heavier, smudgier, and smokier.

Yes, a small amount of kohls makeup on the outer corners is appropriate for daytime. The most crucial component of this look is the definition on your upper lash line, but you can speed up the process by dabbing on whatever lip product I happen to have in my bag, blotting your face, and quickly grooming your brows.

The Crucial Element Is The Upper Lash Line

However, the crucial element, in this case, is the top lash line. Nights out entail dark settings, which a good thing because it means all things don’t have to be flawless (unless you require a late-night fix on fried chicken, which is usually lit by the brightest, most unattractive light in the history of bulbs).

Fried chicken places always have the harshest, most unattractive light in the history of bulbs. Apply your kohl makeup, then just use your finger to blend it in until you achieve the desired Kate Moss effect. The following choices are among my favorites if you want to add kohl to a pencil holder on your desk.

Consistency That Is Long-Lasting, Heavily Pigmented, And Smudge-Proof

Oh hello there, the Hustle color of the Decay 24-7 Glide-On Eye Pencil from the kohl cosmetics line is long-lasting, intensely pigmented, and smudge-proof. For good reason, U.D. considered the clear market leader in the kohls area.

The color Hustle is a deep bronze that can applied to the base of the lashes to cover them in a sweep of dense color that’s also long-lasting but yet has just the right amount of smudginess. The pen’s thin nib makes it a great option for fine writing, and I use it the most frequently when I want to perform some fancy flicking.

Kohls Liner in Bronze by Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof

I need to mention, and you’ve probably already observed this, that I’m not the biggest fan of everything darker than a coffee color on the lash line, before this develops into fifty various hues of bronze. Bronze Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl by Rimmel.

Brown Tones Waterproof by Rimmel Scandaleyes

Waterproof Rimmel Scandaleyes kohls makeup Simply said, it seems a little weighty to me. So with this terrible man, I’m going to keep with brown tones. It has a silky, creamy texture that applies smoothly all the way up to the waterline with no pulling or tugging, as well as decent lasting power. I would suggest looking down this particular road if you were trying to find cheap smoky eye makeup.

Terry Ombré Blackstar Submitted This In Brown Perfection

Brown star in Blackstar While not strictly kohls, this cream-based eye product can used as a base, a color wash over the entire face, or a liner. It chosen for this roundup because of its adaptability, and I think it’s my favorite of the three (I’m wearing it in the picture).

This particular kohl makeup is lovely because it can blend and set in only a few seconds, ensuring that it will last for a long time. This color is just a warm brown with a matte feel; there is no sparkle in it. This color is provocative enough for after-dark escapades while being subtle enough for a daily cigarette.

Costa Riche Eye Kohls, A Mac Unsung Hero

The time when I would have given it an Unsung Heroes treatment has long since gone. Costa Riche, a warm golden brown Eye kohl from MAC’s permanent collection, has been my go-to brown eyeliner item of choice since late 2013.

Given how frequently I find myself in love with new things, you might think that my obsession with them would have faded by this point. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Kohls Alternative: Costa Riche

Kohl makeup is one of the only things I can still wear when my eyes are itchy and watering due to allergies or another issue and it won’t make matters worse. Because it complements many different eyeshadows and because it feels lovely on my lash & water lines, I still go for it at least 3 or 4 times per week. And it benefits all shades of eyes in a variety of ways.

Blue, green, hazel, or grey eyes rock kohl makeup just as well as brown eyes, but brown eyes look more chocolate. In my opinion, it brings out the color of your eyes, which is already lovely, smart, and a God-given gift, and improves the natural appeal of all of them.

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