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With iPhones Preowned SA you can buy your favourite used phone like new, at the best price in the city of Kroonstad South Africa.

by Nathan Zachary
iPhones Preowned

Do you want to enjoy a good phone but the costs of buying it new are not within your reach? If you live in the city of Kroonstad, keep reading this article to find out where to buy a used phone, like a new one. iPhones is a company located in South Africa, dedicated to selling used phones, duly licensed and certified. To proceed with the sale of this equipment, they first go through an exhaustive process to make them suitable for use.

Its operation is examined, its electrical components are cleaned, all information is erased and the factory is restored. All this to give you an excellent quality phone, which is in the same condition as if it were used for the first time. Gorilla Phones offers a 6-month warranty for all its equipment. Likewise, 14 days for you to return it if you change your mind regarding the acquisition and 30 days for its return if any defect is found not attributable to its use.

All this process is carried out by a qualified and expert staff, whose effort guarantees the delivery of affordable, quality equipment with 100% functionality. Another expert customer service staff will advise you on your entire purchase, resolving any questions regarding the equipment or the purchase process.

Cell phones offered by iPhones Preowned SA will be factory unlocked, through an effective process that guarantees real unlocks, that no system update can knock down, for example, the updates received by iPhone phones. iPhones Preowned SA phones will be delivered in new condition, unopened in their original box, with their charger and headphones. The shipping system takes 2 to 3 days and is done only on business days.

iPhones Preowned SA has a wide variety of brands and phones, as well as other products for telephone equipment such as cases and screen protectors.

2. iPhones Preowned SA offers the most varied range of iPhone cell phones for its customers:

Among other cell phone brands offered by iPhones Preowned SA, iPhone stands out, having in inventory that includes the following models:

iPhone 6 and 6S, being the oldest, of excellent quality and performance, good screen resolution, with an 8 operating system, upgradeable to 11.

iPhone 7 plus, a beautiful, high-performance practical phone with its A10 quad-core processor, its improved camera offers you 12mp, quad-LED flash to get good photos in low light. 7mp front camera.

iPhone 8, with a metal and glass design on the back, is light for its large size. It has a 4.7-inch screen, with excellent resolution and image, comes with operating system 11, ready to receive future updates. A11 processor, with higher performance in conjunction with its 3Gb of RAM. Rear and front cameras of 12 and 7mp respectively, with improvements in flash and video stabilization.

iPhone SE has an operating system 9.3, upgradeable. It has 2Gb of RAM, with internal base storage equal to 16Gb up to 64Gb, it has an A9 processor, 2 cores, which ensures amazing performance. The rear camera maintains 12mp but includes a dual-tone flash, image stabilizer, face detection mode, and HDR, in addition to video recording in UHD 4Km quality, 1.2mp front camera.

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