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Gojek Clone: Launch a Profitable Business in a Couple of Weeks!

by Nathan Zachary
gojek clone

To launch a profitable business, one has to work really hard and put 100% effort into its operations. True, but there is an easy way to launch a successful business and start earning profits from day 1. We are talking about the Gojek Clone App! 

From raking millions of dollars as profits to quickly capturing the on-demand service industry, this app has so much to offer. And the best part? It takes less than a couple of weeks to develop and launch this app in iOS and Android Stores! 

Gojek Clone App

Launch a Gojek-like Business in Less than 2 Weeks! 

Sounds shocking, but the latest technological advancements have made it rather clear that launching a business takes less than 2 weeks. 

But what’s the secret? How is it possible to launch a business in such a short time?  Well, the secret is White-Labeling. 

White labeling is when a base app or pre-built foundation is given a new identity so that no one can determine that it is ready-made. When it comes to white-labeling the Gojek Clone App, here is what the experts do: 

  • They change the color theme of the app to match the logo. 
  • Integrate services and features of your preference. 
  • Add your company’s name and logo everywhere. 
  • Integrate preferred currencies and languages 
  • Add payment and SMS gateways of your choice. 

How to Monetize with a Gojek Clone App? 

Most entrepreneurs purchasing an all-in-one solution often ask this question. Entrepreneurs can make money with an app like Gojek by earning profits and via additional revenue streams. 

Earning profits 

You can start earning profits from day 1 of the operation with this app. The two money-making business models are:  

Commission on every service 

With the Gojek Clone App, entrepreneurs can make money on every service booking. It is the entrepreneur who decides the Commission Rates for every service. 

For example, a customer has booked a Thai Massage at home. The service ends and the sum total of the service is $170. Now, as per the set percentage, the professional needs to pay a 12% commission. 

This means that the commission entrepreneur earns is $20.4! 

Membership Subscription Plans 

Subscription plans on the other hand work within a limited time frame. Here, the entrepreneur gets to curate subscription plans that the providers will purchase. 

To make a plan, the entrepreneur needs to consider the time validity, features, and prices. 

For example, the subscription plans offered are usually: 

  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Bi-monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Half-yearly 
  • Annual  

After purchasing one of these plans from the Gojek Clone App, the provider can start rendering their services. Moreover, by purchasing the plan, the provider no longer needs to pay commissions on any of these services. 

Also, these plans come with time validity. Therefore, providers must renew the app before it expires. Otherwise, they will not receive any service requests. 

Gojek Clone App Includes

Additional Revenue-Generating Streams 

Besides the profit-making business models, the app also integrates many revenue-generating streams. 

In-app advertising 

Entrepreneurs can integrate Third-party Facebook and Google Ads on the app’s home screen. Here, the entrepreneur will earn on every single click on the ad via this app. This is basically the pay-per-click advertising type. 


The Gojek Clone App asks customers to pay surcharges for booking services during high demand. For example, surcharges are levied on the total bill amount if it is late at night, on a holiday, in bad weather, or when many people are booking the same service. 

Cancellation charges 

The cancellation charges are for when a customer cancels the booked service after a valid time. For example, if the conditions say that customers can cancel the services 2 hours before their scheduled time, no cancellation fees will be charged. 

However, if the customer makes last-minute cancellations, they are asked to pay a pre-decided amount, say, $10, $20, or $50! 

In Conclusion: 

Now that you know that you can launch a successful business with the Gojek Clone App, why waste time?

Take the Gojek Clone Demo and finalize the deal! Trust the words, this app is one of the best business solutions of all time. So, purchase one of these solutions from Gojek App Clone, the best white-labeling firm in the world. 

For more information, reach out to the sales representatives at the firm!

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