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HDMI Distribution System Designed to Maximize Video

by Nathan Zachary

An HDMI Distribution System is connecting just one device to a second TV using a prevailing coaxial cable to distribute numerous devices around the house using the latest cable and an HDMI Matrix Switch.

The HDMI Distribution System

The new HDMI Distribution System comprises HDMI extenders, switchers, plus signal management, and audio fixtures. The Installation is quick, and whether it is a commercial project or residential project, the specification basics remain the same. HDMIDistribution System can be used together in combination, continuously delivering continuous AV integration and easily expanded to lodge additional sources.

The HDMI Extenders

HDMI Extenders are a robust and consistent solution for dispensing HDMI signals over long distances that outdated HDMI cables are powerless to address. The extenders maximize presentation and flexibility with progressive technology to carry uncompressed video, power, and Ethernet, and regulate with zero latency. With our HDMI Distribution System, even the most difficult installation necessities can be met.

Our HDMI Distribution System Advantages

  • It has a Vigorous performance – It extends HDMI signals to a distance of 100 meters over a single cable, supporting 4K video
  • It is Compatible – It works with any other control system
  • It is Flexible – The Bi-directional PoE in the extenders provides suitability and simplicity for every connection
  • It is Reliable – It is HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • It is Cost Efficient – It has Multiple price points and answers for every install

HDMI Switchers

The HDMI Distribution System Matrix Switchers and Splitters combine unparalleled performance and value for the installation market. Extending HDMI, IR and up to lengths of 70m over a CAT cable, the matrix and splitter solutions deliver 4K content to remote screens through the installation.


  • It has a Robust presentation – Supports 4K video, all known HDMI formats, and 3D video
  • It is Compatible – It works with any control system
  • It is Flexible – It features PoE, providing suitability and simplicity for all installation

The HDMI Signal Manager

The new signal manager is intended to solve HDMI compatibility, clock stretching, and handshaking issues that are mutual problems when distributing high bandwidth HDMI signals over long distances.

The HDMI Audio Accessories

HDMI Audio Accessories change audio signals in any connection. The audio accessory line improves performance and helps to solve an array of audio problems in any installation. HDMI Distribution System supports the connection between a Blu-ray player and a flat-screen HDTV. HDMI combines both the video and audio interfaces into one connection, which shortens the installation process. HDMI provides a border between any audio sources, such as a set-top box, or A/V receiver, and an audio or video monitor, over a single cable, that supports standard, or high-definition video, on a single cable.

When do You Use an HDMI Distribution System?

Dividing a video signal into diverse copies can hamper both the image and audio quality. The more shows you add to one source, the more superior the dip in quality. The issue becomes more projecting as the distance increases from the source. Any cable is bound to suffer some degradation if you make it portable over a long distance. HDMI Distribution System helps you create an expert video setup.

How to Use an HDMI Distribution System?

It is easy to use HDMI Distribution System. You only need to arrange the essential HDMI cables to connect your source to the amplifier. You will also need audio cables if your speaker supports audio distribution.

The steps you need to follow are:

  • Try to Connect Video Source

You can use an HDMI cable to attach your video source like a DVD player to the distribution amplifier.

  • Try to Connect Your Display

Use an HDMI cable to attach each display to the HDMI outputs of your amplifier.

  • Hook the Audio Cables

Attach one cable from the audio output to the distribution amplifier input. Next, connect the cable from the audio output to your audio receiver.

  • Power Your Devices

Connect the adapter to an outlet and power on the amplifier.

Want the best HDMI Distribution System?

If you want the best HDMI Distribution System you can feel free to contact SIIG, Inc. at any time.

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