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How To Fix Canon Printer Error E05 Easily On Windows

by Nathan Zachary

If you have a Canon printer and are experiencing the error code E05, you have come to the correct place. Reading this post, you may come to know how to resolve an E05 error code in a Canon printer.

This issue can be very frustrating while printing because printers are made to produce the highest quality possible. Sadly, Canon printers frequently experience the E05 issue. However, you must first understand the nature of the problem before you can learn how to resolve it or update the Canon G2010 printer driver.

When there are issues with the ink cartridges, the printer will experience the E05 error. We will go into detail about the E05 problem in this blog post about the Canon printer.

What Leads To Canon Printer E05 Errors?

  • A cartridge compatibility issue with your Canon printer is the primary cause of error code E05 on Canon printers. To print magazines, banners, etc., Canon printers contain a cartridge out of which ink spews out via a tiny hole. 
  • Ink can dry out and obstruct the cartridge hole if you don’t operate the printer for a long time. A defective cartridge container or when changing the cartridge are two more causes of the E05 error. This mistake is quite typical and is simple to correct.

How To Fix The E05 Error In Canon Printers?

Solution 1: Turn off The Canon Printer

The most popular way to resolve the Canon printer error code E05 is to turn off the printer. However, occasionally overheating can result in error E05.

  1. To restart the Canon printer, press and hold the Stop button for 5 – 6 seconds.
  2. Restart your printer right away. It is now prepared for usage.
  3. Continue to the next solution if the E05 error still occurs.

Solution 2: Factory Restore your Canon Printer

To fix error code E05, factory restore the Canon printer can be a real help. In addition to wiping out all of your Canon printer’s settings and specs, factory settings can return settings to its original condition. The best and simplest solution to resolve any issues and error messages is to perform a Factory Restart:

  1. Start your printer and select the option – factory reset.
  2. Now, go to the menu bar.
  3. To move through the Setup option, use the directional arrows.
  4. Click OK after going to the Device settings.
  5. To begin factory reset, pick the option for resetting and press OK.

Check to see if the Canon printer error code E05 still exists after finishing this operation. Then, go to the next solution if it’s still there.

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Solution 3: Verify The Position Of The Cartridge.

Incorrect cartridge positioning could be the cause of the E05 error in the Canon printer. The cartridge may become damaged if we push it back into the incorrect slot after taking it out. In order to install the cartridge again, remove it first. Ensure that the ink cartridge’s position is correct and in working order.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Cartridge again and clean It

Reading commands sent to the printer is the responsibility of the cartridge. If you use your printer regularly or infrequently, particles may form inside it and cause the error you’re seeing right now. Cleaning the ink cartridge periodically is a great idea to prevent such issues.

To retrieve the ink cartridge of your Canon printer, please turn the printer off, place it on a smooth surface, and then open the lid. You may find instructions for installing an ink cartridge here. On the cartridge holder’s side, two click-locks can be alternately pressed with your fingers. As a result, it is now straightforward to remove the ink cartridge.

Next, check the ink cartridge for any debris, dust, dried ink, or other items that could obstruct it, such as dirt. In order to clear any obstructions, the golden metallic strip located at the front of the cartridges must be cleaned with a soft cloth or lint-free material. Again when the particles are eliminated, you can restart the printer or put the ink cartridges back in.

Cartridge facilitates reading of any instructions by the Canon printer. So, be sure to wipe the cartridge thoroughly. Then, try the following solution if the issue persists. For example, you may find it useful to resolve Canon trouble code E05.

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Solution 5: Ink Cartridge Replacement

Changing the ink cartridge is another way to fix the Canon printer’s E05 issue. This can be the situation if the ink cartridge that was previously installed is broken or if you’re using the wrong one. After exhausting all other possibilities, you must visit an appliance store to get fresh ink cartridges for your printer.


In this blog, we hope to have covered everything you wanted to know about Error Code E05. After that, simply follow each step in the instructions to fix the E05 Canon Printer Error so that you may use the printer deprived of any issues.

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