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How Do I Find Out What Light Bulb I Need?

by Nathan Zachary
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What kind of light bulb you want may seem a common and straightforward question but wait until you stand in front of the numerous light bulb aisles looking for one. Fortunately, the light bulb industry has gone through several changes. We are now stepping forward and replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs with something more energy-efficient. The awareness to increase the use of green equipment is also making us choose energy-efficient light bulbs for our homes and businesses. In addition to a sustainable environment, the old ones are energy-hogging light bulbs and consume extra electricity units that can result in high electricity bills.

The latest revolution in the lighting industry mainly consists of LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes. But there are many types of bulbs in LED that one can get confused about which one to select. It is better to take some time out and decide which bulbs will suit you rather than buy the first bulb that fits your lighting fixture. If you visit light bulb suppliers and ask which bulb will be the best to buy, they are more likely to ask you about the specifications of your required lighting fixture. Some of the specifications are what voltage of bulbs you want, its wattage, the color temperature of your bulb, and its base.  

Some characteristics that also matter while buying the light bulb are its shape, type, lumens, and life. You also have to consider the glare of the bulb. Besides, not every bulb will be suitable for every task. There are various categories of bulbs according to their usage. It is better to understand which type of bulb you want than to make rounds to the nearest lighting store. You can save extra money and time by choosing the bulb with the appropriate voltage and wattage. Moreover, installing a bulb with a suitable voltage in the lighting fixture can prevent you from any mishap.

In this blog, we are jotting down a detailed guide to help you select which bulb will be more suitable and fit in your lighting fixture. After narrowing your selection of the light bulb, you can easily find out which type of light bulb will go along with your requirement. All you need is to be cautious regarding which light bulb you want to buy. Read the below points to find out your required light bulb.

The fitting cap of your lighting fixture:    

One of the main things many ignore while buying the light bulb is their fitting cap. If your light bulb fitting cap does not go along with the light fixture, it will be useless for you. Choosing the wrong fitting cap is one of the most frustrating problems one has to face. Some of the popular fitting bases are as follows:


The screw cap is the Edison screw cap in light fixtures. It is also the most common cap in household lighting fixtures. If your light fixture has screws, you will have to select the screw base of the light bulb.


The second one is the Bayonet cap of light bulbs. It is known as the twist and locks light bulb. It is also one of the most common lighting caps in households. 

Decide the wattage of your light bulbs:    

Wattage is the amount of energy used by your light bulbs. No one wants to spend extra bucks on their electricity bills. But the wattage of your bulbs also means that you will have less glare from the light. So, if you can compromise on the light bulb power, you can opt for lower wattage of light bulbs. But if you cannot compromise on the light glare, consider a bulb with high wattage. First, consider the wattage of your equipment because installing a light bulb with high wattage can damage it. 

Consider the brightness and lumens of your lighting fixture:    

Lumens will tell you how much bright light you will get from your light bulbs. It is better to invest in light bulbs with more lumens than watts. Lumens tell you the brightness level of the light bulbs. The higher the lumen is, the brighter the light bulb. For example, around 400 lumens are enough for a light bulb on your bedside. But for a bright living room, you will need 1500 to 3000 light bulb lumens. 

The color temperature of your lighting fixture:    

Another thing you will consider is the color temperature of your light bulbs. You can measure the appearance of light bulbs on the Kelvin scale. Warm yellow and cool blue tones are two of the main color temperatures for light bulbs. Lower Kelvin temperature indicated warm yellow tones, whereas high temperature will give you cool tones of blue and white. The temperature range of 2700K – 3000K is the best warm tone for your home. The temperature range of 3500K – 4500K will give you a neutral white light. Over 5000K color temperature is best suited for offices.

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