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How do Riser Recliner Chairs work?

by Nathan Zachary
How do Riser Recliner Chairs work?

A riser recliner chair is a specialized sitting choice for those who may find it challenging to get in and out of a standard chair. Riser recliners provide warm, secure support to make it easier for people to get up from a seated posture. Luxury riser recliner chairs provide comfier sitting and reclining postures than standard couches or chairs.

The working mechanism of Luxury Riser Recliner Chairs:

Riser recliner chairs are as comfortable as possible, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting down. They gently lead the person into a certain posture and ensure the users’ knees and hips are supported rather than stressed.

Additionally, riser recliners lessen the physical effort required to stand up from a seated posture and assist in minimizing injuries. No matter how you’re sitting, it provides complete support, ease of mobility, and a variety of postures.

The seemingly straightforward chore of getting in and out of a chair may become a daily struggle for many people due to restricted movement brought on by a condition like arthritis or even the unavoidable effects of just becoming older.

The purpose of riser recliners is to eliminate this struggle and provide various alternatives once you are correctly seated. The first decision to make when comparing the variety of motorized riser recliners we have at Repose is whether to use a single-motor or dual-motor model.

Single motor:

The motor controls the back and the footrest in a single-motor riser recliner chair. As a result, as the back reclines, the footrest automatically adjusts to a position that is suitable for activities like reading and watching television at an inclination of around 45 degrees.

dual motors

The back and footrest of a dual motor riser recliner chair may be separately adjusted thanks to the two motors. As a result, the user may take advantage of a larger variety of positions, such as sitting straight without raising their legs.

Both chairs include a small, straightforward control panel that allows the user to change the position before sitting down or, more frequently, while already seated. The settings most people use to enjoy the comfort of riser recliners are given below.

Features of riser recliner chair:

Let’s explore a few of the amazing attributes of luxury Riser Recliner Chairs:


The motorized mechanism conducts the labor-intensive work for you when it’s time to get up from your chair. The chair’s body, including the back, seat, and footrest, slowly rises when a button on the control panel is pressed, positioning you so that you may stand up slowly.

You may transition from sitting to standing in this manner without putting any stress. Or strain on your arms, legs, or hips. The user may adjust the angle at which the chair rises and lowers. The higher angle, 30 degrees, provides the most support when standing.


People with certain medical disorders frequently find it challenging to transition from standing to sitting. It mainly occurs if their hip and knee joints cannot withstand the pressure placed on them when lowering into the seat.

It is simple to recline in a riser recliner chair from a standing position since you can quickly get it back into a sitting position. The motor will lower it gradually to a sitting posture. We can ensure your comfort when you sit on the chair since it provides optimum support where needed. Various elements inside the cushions might also be specified to meet certain conditions.

Feet up:

Putting your feet up means you’re resting and sitting comfortably. In many instances, it’s also quite advantageous from a medical standpoint. Raising your feet eases the strain on your leg veins and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. The user of motorized riser recliners may raise their feet without effort on their joints or muscles.


A riser recliner chair’s built-in comfort and support make it the ideal spot for an afternoon sleep rather than requiring the user to get up and go to the bedroom. This is made possible by the riser recliner’s reclining mechanism. Which allows the user to gradually recline the backrest and raise the footrest until they find the most comfortable position.

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