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How Much Does An Aluminium Ute Canopy Weight?

by Nathan Zachary
How Much Does An Aluminium Ute Canopy Weight?

It is really hard to pinpoint an exact weight measurement, while dealing with aluminium UTE canopies for the first time. Depending on the UTE model you are driving and the size of the aluminium ute canopy you have chosen, weight is supposed to differ big time.

Moreover, the type of aluminium sheet you are trying to use for manufacturing the canopy will have a serious say about the weight of the final product. Just remember to take a quick measure of your UTE vehicle first and then you can customise the canopies accordingly.

The average and the changes

On an average scale, the gross weight of the aluminium UTE canopy will be somewhat around 240 to 240 kg.  But that’s an example if you are looking to invest some bucks on 1800mm long dual canopy that comes with 2 doors.

·         If you are planning to customise the canopy, there will be some changes in the final weight of the product.

·         To be on the safer side, calculate the carrying and weight bearing capacity of the UTE vehicle, before you start to make a canopy that goes on top of it.

·         Aluminium is a preferable material because of its light weight value. Some people can opt for steel versions as well, but only if the vehicle permits.

·         If the weight of the canopy is not compatible with that of the model you are driving, you will be draining more fuel out of the car and that will deteriorate its functions big time.

·         Too much weight of the canopy can further degrade the condition of the vehicle and you will end up with chaffed up automobile body parts.

To avoid these issues from taking place, it is better to focus on the right canopy weight of the aluminium version first.

Let the experts decide it for you

Being a complete novice, you have no clue how to measure the weight bearing capability of your UTE vehicle. In case you are looking for standard canopies, making the right choice won’t be a problem because you have standard measurements designed for the selective models. But, for some customised canopies, taking proper measurements is a must and also judging the condition of the car. Experts will gladly come here to the rescue. With their help, you can select the best aluminium ute canopy of your choice.You are most welcome to come and give Ozi4*4 a try for some of the outstanding aluminium canopy collections.

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