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How Snoop Dogg Mixtapes Helped His Career

by Nathan Zachary
Snoop Dogg

Thanks to the start of the mixtape revolution, the famous and beloved rapper Snoop Dogg is enjoying his career. Media has helped many rappers since their dawn, but Snoop Dogg’s mixtapes are directly responsible for setting him on the path to fame. Since his discovery, this rapper has achieved undeniable success and is widely recognized. You will also get the answer of how old is snoop dogg in the article.

Snoop Dogg was discovered as an artist when he made a freestyle disc for “Hold On” and put it on a mixtape. He was lucky to have the infamous producer Dr. Dre got hold of one of Snoop’s several mixtapes, and the rapper was offered an audition. Former member of the hip-hop group NWA. This helped Snoop Dogg better structure his songs.

Between 2003 and 2005, he released a series of nine mixed rap songs titled Welcome to Tha Chuch. Although he had already released a chart-topping studio album, Snoop Dogg’s mixtape served as a promotion for the artist and inspired the album. It was a place where Snoop was able to work with other artists and it greatly enhanced his career.

Apart from this series, the artist has released many other rap songs. He has eighteen official tapes, although he has appeared on the tapes of many other hip-hop artists. He also has many unofficial and unofficial tapes available for download. Although not very common, these types of tapes are beloved by fans because they put them on a personal level with their favorite artist.
Despite the quality of his records, this mega rapper’s career could not have happened without Snoop Dogg’s mixtape production. Rap mixtapes have gained fame and recognition among many other rappers as well. They serve as a way for artists to gain recognition and publicity for their music and thus their popularity is definitely maintained.

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