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How to Approve Google AdSense to Your Website?

by Nathan Zachary
Google AdSense

Are you interested in integrating Google AdSense with your website?

Because Google AdSense pays you more than other internet ad networks these days, everyone working on a website is competing to get approved for Google AdSense.

Because you don’t have to deal with advertising or worry about money collection, Google AdSense is hassle-free. Google manages and upholds connections with advertising. After collecting the money, they deduct their management charge and send the remaining funds to you.

We’ll demonstrate how to add Google AdSense to your business website in this article, along with some best practices and advice on how to boost your earnings.

Five Simple Tips for Getting Approved for Google AdSense

1. Excellent Content

Even if such content already exists on the internet, Google encourages its users to produce fresh, original content to create content that is superior to those blog posts. The day your material will be regarded as unique will be the day you stop searching the internet for your next blog subject and begin writing about what you already know.

2. Website Pages Need to be Indexed

This approach is frequently utilized by indexing in search engines. In plain English, indexing a website’s pages is the same as asking for a specific web page to appear in Google or another search engine. To determine whether or not the pages of your website are successfully indexed. Now, how can I add each URL to the Google Search Console and index them?

3. Shorten the load time of blogs

The speed at which a site loads has evolved into a ranking criterion for websites, and Google now favors pages that load quickly. Therefore, I strongly advise you to speed up your website like logo designing so that it can load more quickly on mobile devices.

4- SEO Enhance

Unexpectedly, WordPress handles the majority of the SEO. SEO-optimized websites are magnets for iron-solid traffic, which converts into cash in a variety of ways. Start by taking care of a few SEO fundamentals with brand identity experts. At this time, there is no need for advanced SEO advice.

5-Take any image with a watermark of your blog.

Do you design the pictures you use in your blog posts? No? I am aware that you didn’t make the majority of the images. I am confident in this statement because the majority of beginners dislike devoting time to image creation. They instead steal the photos from other blogs.


Even though it takes a full day, read all of the terms and conditions, including the policies of Google AdSense. I promise that you will get approved for AdSense. I send my best wishes your way.

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