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What is industrial cleaning?

by Nathan Zachary

Simply put, industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and other types of industrial facilities. There is no easier way to describe the job of cleaning factories, manufacturing facilities or other industrial workplaces, as there is such a wide variety in the different facilities that a building services contractor may encounter. The industrial cleaning contractor may be contracted to clean large facilities such as factories, factories, warehouses and various other industrial settings. A position like this requires you to attend job training and learn everything about safety knowledge. There may be special equipment for an industrial cleaning machine, or specific chemicals to use to do their job.

The job as an industrial cleaner is dirty work.

 Maintenance of offices in industrial areas is also very demanding, as dirt is constantly tracked in from the external areas of the factory floors. Then you have the challenges of working around the heavy machinery and the safety hazards involved such as paint, lubricants, metal shavings and fiberglass. There are also some machines that are sensitive to things like dust and dirt and it will be important to clean them. Another major concern when cleaning industrial areas is the personnel areas. For example, employees who carry out Erhvervsrengøring  in industry must be in good health and conform

Asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal is one of the most popular types of industrial cleaning services, as many older buildings are known to have asbestos in fireproofing, drywall and more. Learn more about asbestos removal with Native Environmental.

Hydro blasting.

Hydro blasting, also known as pressure cleaning, is a high-pressure blasting method used for paint and lead removal. It is mostly used for large scale mastic and epoxy coating removal projects on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is also used for removing paint on highways, parking lots and airports. Learn more about hydro blasting with Native End.

Lead removal and reduction. Lead removal involves the use of chemicals to break down various coatings that contain lead and lead derivatives. Make sure you choose an industrial cleaning company that is accredited with the EPA to perform lead abatement products. Native Environmental is EPA accredited for lead removal.

Mercury Spill Cleanup.

Mercury spill cleanup is used to remove mercury vapors and mercury vapor sources. Common areas where mercury spill cleanup is carried out are in industrial facilities, warehouse floors, production floors, assembly floors and more. Learn more about mercury spill cleanup.

Industrial cleaning Job description and tasks

The industrial cleaner performs both light and heavy janitorial work for industries such as warehouses, processing plants and manufacturers. An industrial janitor’s job is different from janitorial duties in retail stores, office buildings, schools, and residential buildings because the work in industry is usually performed in unsafe and dangerous conditions and generally requires specialized machinery and safety equipment. Industrial janitorial work consists of maintaining a clean environment, for the safety of everyone, and their work is usually on a daily basis, in order for the operation of the plant to be continuous.

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