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How to Boost Engagement on TikTok

by Nathan Zachary

One of the most popular social media apps is TikTok. It has quickly gained popularity throughout the world. Compared to other social media platforms, it is still the newest and fastest-growing platform globally. 

Millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers use this platform to promote their brands and increase their organic reach. Like other social networks, TikTok depends a lot on user participation. More and more users are sharing, liking, and commenting on videos on TikTok. This article will go through the top 9 strategies for boosting TikTok interaction and growing your following.

9 Practical Advice to Increase Engagement on TikTok

Use top-notch videos

TikTok uses the 3-second rule method. It states that the opening three seconds of your video will determine whether a person watches it or not. To increase TikTok engagement, high-quality films are therefore crucial. Invest in a phone or a camera if you want to develop your TikTok following and have long-term goals. Your actions will be reflected in your TikTok views and followers.

Remain dependable and post frequently

Consistency and frequency are the two key elements in boosting TikTok engagement. You can more effectively captivate your viewers and keep them viewing your movies. If you regularly share various content, you can boost your TikTok views, likes, and followers. The TikTok calendar can be used to plan your content effectively.

Include BTS videos

The internal workings of your company are referred to as “BTS” (behind the scenes). The routine of your industry, team, group, and culture should be shown. You must share BTS videos if you use TikTok to promote your business or brand. It is the most acceptable way to communicate, enhance TikTok interaction, and grow your following and views. Consider making small videos of your daily routines and business operations to share with others.

Create a creator account and make use of the Q&A function

For the creators who have creator accounts, TikTok has included a Q&A option. Therefore, create a creator account before contributing material and turn on the Q&A option. This feature enables interaction and queries from your followers. For instance, they might inquire about your viewpoints on any subject or require you to wear a headscarf. The methods for using TikTok’s Q&A function are shown below;

  1. Create a Creator account on the TikTok settings page, step one.
  2. Click “creator” on your preferences page.
  3. Tap the Q&A button to enable the Q&A feature.

Talk to the viewers in the comments

A fun approach to engage your fans directly and grow your TikTok account’s audience is through comments. These steps can be used to respond to comments:

  • Select a video from your library, then enter a comment there.
  • Select the comment you want to reply by clicking the comment option.
  • Tap the red video camera icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Immediately after, the screen will change to the area where you can upload or record your reply.
  • To promote viewer involvement, you can move the remark and display it after your video has finished playing.

Adhere to fads and hashtags

TikTok users enjoy seeing current trends. Following the newest trends is easy to boost visibility and interaction for your recent and older posts. Your film is kept on the for you page and is ranked first. The origin challenge recently gained so much notoriety that Instagram users and TikTokers created reels about it. It is simple to consider the trend, produce comparable material, and dominate the app.

Don’t forget to include an alluring Demand for action

A text or line implores your followers, clients, and website visitors to take particular activities, such as getting in touch with us, phone now, and more, which is referred to as a “Call to Action” (CTA). To optimize brand visibility and raise TikTok views, you should incorporate the relevant CTA into your videos. A video with the right CTA boosts website traffic and encourages communication with your audience. Additionally, you may add a call to action button to your TikTok description area, which increases your profile’s audience and strengthens brand recognition.

Produce your own distinctive and original stuff

It’s entertaining to take part in TikTok challenges and trends, but you may get a lot of exposure if your material takes off and becomes well-liked. Keep that in mind as you browse the platform because user-generated content is the best. 

Change things up and offer unique content where you can show your uniqueness to stand out in a sea of similarities. The best way to boost TikTok followers, views, and interaction is with original, relatable content.

Make judicious use of the Duet feature

You must comment on other people’s videos or replicate them using the duet feature to create a “Duet.” Both videos will be displayed side by side in a square format on the screen. In essence, Duets is a platform that compels people to make content and yields outstanding outcomes. Credit the original video’s creator so they can repost it on their respective accounts.

In conclusion, TikTok users never get bored of viewing videos. They consume a lot of data every day. So, even if you lack imagination but are aware of some helpful techniques, you can succeed on this platform.

Make sure your TikTok videos are as attractive, popular, and high-caliber as possible. You can use this to increase your TikTok views quickly and get listed as a user on the TikTok For You page. Be persistent and consistent once you start submitting material to TikTok. Do not miss any advice provided to increase TikTok interaction and grow your following.

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