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How to Change Location on Hulu?

by Nathan Zachary
Change Location on Hulu

Hulu now offers more than simply streaming content. Additionally, customers may read news, athletics, and weather using the live TV option. We’re here to inform you that viewing live TV from your broadcast stations is feasible when you’re traveling, provided you’re prepared to take the necessary steps. However, many individuals who travel wish to do this.

Hulu is not permitted to livestream series, movies, or seasons outside of the US due to its agreements with US media companies. You cannot watch Hulu on your devices if you reside in Canada, the UK, Mexico, or any other nation outside the United States. Perhaps one of our top streaming services is Hulu, and for a good reason—it provides an unrivaled combination of on-demand and live TV programming. However, the Hulu + Live TV package has some limitations, much like any live TV streaming provider.

What is Home location in Hulu?

Hulu’s headquarters serves as a check to make sure streamers aren’t flouting the law. Hulu is allowed to offer some viewers certain channels, but it is not permitted to sell every network to everybody, everywhere around the globe. No matter where you are in the country, you will have access to major national networks. However, certain locations will not access some channels, such as sports networks and local news stations.

You must notify Hulu where you live to access local content. Once your “home location” is selected, you won’t be able to change it until you lock yourself into those local channels. Additionally, if Hulu believes you are not where you claim to be, the service may prevent you from watching on portable devices.

How to change location on Hulu on a Firestick?

The Amazon FireStick, also recognized as the Fire TV Stick, attaches you to streaming platforms and the web quickly by plugging into an HDMI port on your TV or computer. Because FireStick is an Android device, it can run any software found in the Google Play store, even Hulu.

You may quickly change your location when watching Hulu on a FireStick and get your preferred stations from anywhere in the world. This is how:

  • Make sure your VPN subscription is active. Go to the main site and choose your preferred plan to accomplish this.
  • On your FireStick, download a VPN. Just perform a VPN search on the Fire TV Stick mobile app.
  • Launch the VPN app, then sign in with your passwords.

Hulu Home location Rules

Before you make any setting, you need to remember these golden rules.

  • Which local and regional networks you may view depend on where you are in the world when you use Hulu.
  • Your Hulu default location is assigned when you sign into Hulu + Live TV for the first time on a “family room device” such as a Roku or Fire TV. Additionally, you may do so on Hulu’s website. Hulu will use your IP address to pinpoint the location.
  • Even if you’re not at home, as long as you’re still in the United States, you can stream content from your home location using a mobile device.
  • Mobile devices must be linked to the internet in your current residence every 30 days to “check in.” Hulu will stop your mobile device from playing if you don’t check it in.
  • Up to four moves can be made to your current address in a calendar year.

You will input your home network within the first three days of setting up Hulu Live TV. As we previously said, you can only change your wifi router four times a year. More attempts to alter your home network might result in location error notifications.

Integrating VPN with Hulu

You’ll need to use a Hulu VPN, and this can only be found with reliable VPN providers that have dedicated VPN apps for all major platforms, like Chrome VPN extension, iOS, Android, etc. This is also challenging since Hulu is quite adept at detecting when customers connect using a VPN. Fortunately, you can always count on reliable VPNs like Ivacy VPN to save the day.

Simple VPN filters only add specific IP addresses reported to be utilized by VPNs to a denylist (or prohibit list). It’s as easy as testing various VPN servers till you discover one that hasn’t been recognized and blocklisted to get around these blocks. Hulu’s bans appear on that level. Still, more sophisticated VPN blockers can use various methods to determine that you’re using a VPN, even if your Internet protocol appears to be hacked.


You’ll need to route your internet service through an American remote server to increase your options and access Hulu from anywhere in the world. Therefore, a private virtual network is necessary (VPN). Although we regret that it isn’t the most straightforward method, we hope that we were able to make switching your Hulu region a bit clearer.

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