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How to Choose the Best Magento Development Agency?

by Nathan Zachary
Magento Development

If you want an ecommerce store, you should consider Magento development agency. They act as an architect for the ecommerce store. It is simple and moreover scalable and robust. It’s the first choice of many big ecommerce retailers. For example, Pepsi, Apple, Macy’s, and furthermore. It’s a great platform that enhances prolific features, unrivaled store customizations, different themes. Besides all these features they are other outstanding features offered by Magento that improves business in 2021. But the question arises what Magento is?

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  1. Magento
  2. Requirements for choosing Magento development agency
  3. Secrets to find best Magento development agency
  4. Research size and reputation of the Magento development agency
  5. List of agencies that we trust


Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform. It is written in PHP. Besides PHP, it also uses other frameworks like Laminas and Symfony. The source code of Magento is distributed under Open Software License (OSL) v3.0. Adobe Inc obtained Magento for $1.68 billion in May 2018.

Basically, the platform was initially developed by Varien Inc., a US private company. It is headquartered in Culver City, California.

According to Magento Website Development, around 100,000 online stores are created on this platform.  Around 2.5 million times, platform code is downloaded. And according to the survey, in 2018, about $155 billion worth of goods is sold by the Magento-based system.

On 31 March 2008, Varien publishes a general-availability release of the platform. Then CEO of Varien, Roy Rubin, sold a share to eBay. Later eBay ultimately acquired the company and sold it to Permira. And then Permira sold the platform to Adobe.

In November 2015, Magento 2.0 was launched. There were many different features in the 2.0 version. The changed features were:

  • It has reduced table locking problems.
  • It offers a better-structured codebase system.
  • It provides better and fast performance.
  • It offers a new file structure with easier customization.
  • It has enterprise-grade scalability to offer.
  • It has improved page caching.

How to Choose Best Magento Development Agency

According to a survey, around 743,682 websites run using the Magento ecommerce platform. It includes 198,120 live stores, and now many retailers are switching to this software with every passing day. With this massive popularity, it’s challenging to select the best Magento development agency for your business. Don’t worry! Read the article to learn how to choose the best Magento development agency to have a successful business.

Requirements for choosing Magento development agency

There are several requirements you need to consider while choosing a Magento development agency. They are as follow:

●        Determine your needs

Before choosing any Magento development agency, have a clear picture of your needs. It will help you select the right agency according to your needs and preference. For better outcomes, write down everything from scratch.

●        Be clear about what you require.

The requirements involve the number of products, market insights, and competitions. Analyze your business needs according to the data to have a clear picture of your store and business.

When the conditions are complex, owners need to hire a team to take care of the business. Whereas the team needs to be ecommerce friendly, have a business intelligence and marketing background. 

●        Set a budget

Before choosing a Magento development agency, it’s important to set up an approximate budget. According to Magento website development, an owner should spend approx 5% of total revenue on building an entire ecommerce store.

In addition, you also need to set up numbers requires for licensing and hosting costs. These are additional services to the Magento development services.

Secrets to find best Magento development agency

Once you set your needs and budget, now it’s time to hunt down the best Magento development agency for the business. According to the following things, do your research to find out Magento development agency for your business.

To find a great development agency for your business, you need to ask yourself the following question:

Is Magento a certified agency or a Magento solution partner?

It’s the best way to look out for a great Magento development agency. In this way, you can find out about the certification a Magento company holds. Magento runs formal partnership programs with a certification system. To qualify for the [partnership agency needs to have a certain number of Magento projects and developers in their team. Moreover, these developers have to pass examinations to stay up-to-date.

How old is the agency? When was the agency established? How many years of experience does the agency have?

Experience is what makes a man perfect. Similarly, in Magento, experience is key to success, and it counts a lot. That’s the reason it’s essential to know about the agency’s past experiences. It’s necessary to know how many years Magento development agency has maintained and develop ecommerce stores.

While the interview, try to ask many questions about their past projects and work. It will help you figure out they are great for your business or not.

Technologies used in Magento store development process

The world of technology is continuously developing and evolving. We can observe the latest trends and innovations, which can be beneficial for the business. That’s the reason you should know what technologies Magento development agency uses.

You must choose a company that stays up-to-date. They should know about the latest trends and techniques to make the product better for the business.

Does the agency maintain data integrity and security?

Trusting people these days is difficult. That’s why protecting data is your prime objective. When it’s come to outsourcing, it gets difficult to trust than the in-house development process. That’s why you need to take practical measures to avoid the problem and loss. Such as:

●        A non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Find out do they sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s an agreement signed by the client and the agency. According to this agreement, the necessary project details and data are not shared with anyone else.

It’s important to sign NDA to avoid problems in the future. The lack of responsibility can put you in great concern. That’s why many companies prefer to sign NDA.

Research size and reputation of the Magento development agency

It’s essential to research the Magento development agency’s size and reputation. It will help you understand that will they stand on your requirement? Will they give you an excellent outcome? You need to research their existence and reputation in the market.

  • Check their portfolios and existing projects of the agency. It will give insights into their work and services with the clients.
  • Moreover, you can take references and read online reviews and testimonials. It will guide you about their specialties and performance unfiltered.
  • Check their presence on social networking sites to get insights thoughts their blogs and posts.

List of agencies that we trust

Magento is the top ecommerce platform for successful business in 2021. Here are some Magento development agencies that we highly trust and recommend. Those are:

  • Inchoo
  • OLD
  • A&H Digital Solutions
  • Minilab
  • Elogic commerce
  • Blue Acron
  • Classy Llama
  • Limesharp

Choosing a decent Magento development agency is a difficult task, especially when you have no experience. But by following the ways as mentioned above, it will make your work easier and faster. I hope you like the article and found it helpful.

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