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Interactive site for education: make learning fun

by Nathan Zachary
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The education industry is undergoing profound changes to make the learning process enjoyable through Custom Website Design. Industry innovation makes learning easy and fun. Learning seems to be a tedious task for most children, but the idea of ​​learning through interactive websites is over.

Interactive video lectures can distract not only students but also promote education. Students can sit anywhere in the world and continue their studies. All they need is a good internet connection, and they are a good starting point.

It is a list of interactive sites for education to make your learning fun. Most of them can be accessed for free, but some require premium memberships.

1. Free code camp

Free Code Camp was launched in October 2014 and is known as one of the interactive sites for education. The platform helps students learn from scratch. They provide many updated courses related to coding. The live chat built into the medium is the best part of this website. At that time, it should not be difficult for you to answer all the questions. The only drawback I found here is that some themes may be revealed when moving from one lesson to another. The only way to cover them is Google.

2. Code Academy

Code academy was founded in August 2011 and is also known as one of the best interactive sites for education. We offer free coding courses in 12 different programming languages. This platform is very suitable for new programmers with little programming knowledge. The courses here won’t give you an in-depth understanding of coding, but you can learn coding more effectively. This platform is not as complicated as the free code camp.

3. Khan Academy

It is one of the famous interactive sites for education. It has undergone some exciting changes during the learning process. It is also trendy all over the world. Khan Academy must be registered free of charge. After registering, you can visit our free video tutorial to start learning. It has a set of interactive exercises that allow you to test your learning ability. Courses and tutorials are ideal for distance learning and classroom use. The best thing about Khan Academy is that each video has a conversational tone, allowing people to incorporate their knowledge quickly. There are many courses, from first grade to those who are willing to learn to code.


Byju’s is another interactive site for education that makes the learning process fun. It is a good decision for anyone looking for an excellent education website for children. You can download the app and access education from anywhere. The company currently has more than 20 Lesheng. One of the most exciting features of Byju is the ability to customize courses. Tracking performance and conducting model tests can help you learn effectively. Biju’s is an excellent choice for 6th-grade students preparing to study for a master’s degree. Learning seems to be Bi Ju’s life experience.

5. edX

The edx is amongst the best interactive site for education. The primary purpose of edX is to provide education to almost everyone. Founded in 2012 by scientists from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are various courses on the website. The best thing about edX is learning from real professors and actual courses from real universities. It is awesome. edX has more than 90 global universities. Of course, you can pass complex subjects. edX has verified and unverified methods. Unconfirmed courses are usually free, but confirmed courses need to pay a certain fee. The registration process is straightforward. You need to choose a path and follow the instructions on the website.

6. Course Cera

Coursera is undoubtedly one of the most interactive sites for education. Coursera provides you with a great learning experience. It helps to develop relevant knowledge. In addition, like all other learning portals, Coursera allows you to run model tests to understand its capabilities. In addition, the site also has a series of exciting courses. You can read the course introduction and analyze whether the course is suitable for you. A set of 20-30 minutes video lectures will smoothly cover most topics. You can also discuss your questions in the Coursera forum. All courses end with a final exam to test your understanding of what you have learned. You need to choose the right course and focus on your study.

7. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a website that offers almost all types of options. You can lock in opportunities to make money through Academic Earth. The courses and videos are planned for you. They are very convenient and easy to understand. However, Academic Earth is not free. However, if you want to be knowledgeable and affordable for self-study, consider Academic Globe. If you are looking for an exchange program, this website is excellent. You will encounter the educational styles and patterns of American society, which will be very helpful for your resume. Academic Earth cooperates with many universities to provide the highest quality education.


Udacity’s approach to learning is very different. For most of us, this is a brand new experience. In the past, the focus was on university education. But it also provides vocational education. Vocational training courses are top-rated, but Udacity is on the right track. You can study various vocational courses. Learning through animated video tutorials is fun. A wide variety of courses is one of the best features of online learning websites. The courses are divided into several categories. It makes it easy to select courses from the classes you are interested in. You can also track performance.

9. Code

If you are very interested in learning to code, you must go to CODE as it is one of the best interactive sites for education. CODE is one of the best interactive sites for education. The design of the website is very dynamic and attractive. The best thing about Code.org is that it is available in nearly 20 languages. Therefore, you can learn to write code in your language. If you know little about computer science courses, you need to visit a website. The interactive course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the basics of coding and help you create a website in no time. There are also some great built-in tools to help you shape and improve your skills during the learning process.

10. Study alone

It is another good way to learn computer languages. Solo knows attractive websites that focus on programming languages. You can learn different languages ​​such as HTML, HTML 5, Java, and PHP. Almost all languages ​​are listed here—free single learning. You need to visit the website and register or create an account. Now you are ready to start your learning journey. In addition, the website user interface is easy to use for most people. Therefore, you can undoubtedly take supplementary courses in computer programming without spending much money. The forums on the website provide a good understanding of all topics. You can also challenge other learners in a quiz game. There is a programming window where you can practice all the codes you have learned.

11. Skill Sharing

Skill sharing is not primarily a course-oriented website, but it is one of the best interactive educational sites. It is excellent for people who are willing to learn some new skills. However, education-related content can be found on the website. You can learn calligraphy, photography, and many other practical skills from our website. Experts around the world have posted videos to help you master your skills. Skill sharing is also free. You need to create an account, which is suitable for exploring various skill-based courses.

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