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How to Create Interactive Videos that Keep Your Viewers Engaged

by Nathan Zachary

Interactive videos are all the rage online, and they’re quickly becoming the most engaging type of content you can create. In fact, they’ve been shown to increase your organic views by an astounding 82% if you decide to make them interactive on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Interactive video allow viewers to select different plot lines or endings depending on their answers to questions that appear onscreen throughout the video. For example, let’s say you’re creating an educational video about how to overcome anxiety during job interviews.

How to prepare

Before you can get started with making your interactive video, you need to decide what type of style you want. There are three main types of interactive videos: Cinema8, Interactive Video and Typing. Each has its own set of guidelines on how they should be created. 

Cinema8 is the simplest interactive style, where you watch a video and select your choice at the end. Interactive Video is more complicated than Cinema8 because it includes typing text or drawing on an image.

What camera/equipment do you need?

What type of video do you want your viewers to interact with? (two sentences) 

How will you record this video? (five sentences) 

Where will you upload the video? (five sentences) Video blogs are a great way to share advice and insights about topics that matter most to you. You can also host Q&A sessions, debates, or lectures. To make these videos more interactive, consider adding hotspots for your viewers to click on for more information about the topic being discussed. Hot spots can be static images like buttons or text boxes, or they can also be videos or links back to another page on your site.


One of the most engaging types of video is one that asks viewers questions and leaves them with a cliffhanger. You can also use other methods, like having people vote on what should happen next or asking viewers to choose a different ending. These interactive videos are engaging and will keep your audience watching. 

Scripting (five sentences)] 

The first step in creating an interactive video is writing out the script for your video.

Copyright and Terms of Use

It is important for viewers to be able to interact with your video in order for it to be successful. This can be done by including quizzes, polls, or interactive maps. There are a variety of tools available online that make it easy for you to integrate these features into your video without having any technical skills.

Publish an Article About it

Interactive videos are the next frontier in video marketing. They’re a fresh take on an old format and they offer viewers a more engaging experience, which can lead to higher conversions. It’s time for you to get on board with this trend. With a little knowledge about how interactive videos work and what makes them so engaging, you’ll be well equipped to create your own successful interactive video marketing campaign in no time. Here are four steps for getting started

Promote it (by email, in social media, etc.)

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