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How to Create Luring Video Thumbnails for Explainer Videos?

by Nathan Zachary

It should be trendy and impactful if you desire to tempt the audience through your videos. A short, compelling explainer video convincingly expounds your message. It instantly grabs viewers’ attention and informs them about the key ideas, product information, and product sales. More face-to-face business meetings with clients have helped businesses create marvelous explainer videos to promote their products and services. Creating online explainer videos has gained popularity over time due to its fast access, massive outreach, and quick engagement. The success of explainer videos implies having attention-grabbing thumbnails. A great thumbnail is a powerful tool to entice viewers. Seventy-five million people, including businesses and marketers in the USA, watch videos online. Therefore, videos should have an engaging thumbnail that prompts the audience to click on to view this awesome video content to gain brand awareness. Unfortunately, many videos fail to draw people in as the thumbnail is not impressive, the story is not engaging, and the video is lengthy and overcrowded with information. Moreover, feckless videos don’t provide the level of quality that your target audience expect; hence, they are not customized and deliver a generic message.

Significance of Video Thumbnails in Video Marketing

More businesses and video animation production companies have invested in creating startling explainer videos with captivating video thumbnails that reflect the theme of an animated explainer video. As a result, more than 80% of businesses now use fascinating thumbnails that give a professional look to the video. Additionally, a good video thumbnail is part of marketing strategies since these short compelling videos build brand image.

Through these interactive videos, businesses introduce a new product, establish their online presence and promote their brand on various marketing platforms. Short personal videos involving traditional content, whiteboard animation, and 2D or 3D character animation are shown on YouTube and displayed on landing pages, social media, and email campaigns. You can also use them in paid TV ads and sales pitch presentations. An attractive video can hook the audience within a few minutes. The consumers can decide whether to continue watching the entire video or skip watching it. An appealing visual for the website educate consumers about their upcoming brand. Consequently, it is an effective way to drive traffic to the website or the page. The more audience watches the videos, the higher the visibility and the stronger the brand awareness.

As you create a thumbnail video, choose to make the first twenty seconds of the video interesting for the viewers and deliver the message instantly. If videos demonstrate emotions, it should motivate them to build an emotional connection when watching emotional scenes. Consequently, an explainer video aims to explain the product or service’s details naturally and engagingly. Therefore, the pitch and tone of the video should be simple and easily understood by potential clients. Creating an alluring animated video makes a big difference. It shows your creativity and how you mesmerize the targeted audience by generating enchanting video thumbnails. Using a few elements and still images, an animator creates a personalized video thumbnail that gives your audience a reason to watch the video with interest.

Tips for creating Fascinating Video Thumbnails

  • Avoid Overstuffing  the video thumbnail

 It is observed that many explainer video services overload their video thumbnails with irrelevant details that may make the video monotonous and uninteresting for the viewers. Since a video thumbnail is a stationary image, it should constitute vital and clear-cut information that makes the video thumbnail fascinating for the targeted audience. Audiences won’t look at the videos with stuffy information but rather look for creativity, complementary colors, and images that make the thumbnail stands out. Therefore, you may opt for the best approaches, such as taking the appropriate screenshot of the custom image and adding an impressive title and appealing text. Remember, keep the content short and to the point that sparks interest in viewers to watch the whole video. One click will create a positive effect on your conversion rate. Consequently, making a custom video thumbnail is a better approach that creates a positive first impression of your video on potential clients.

  • Avoid using Auto-Select

The animators have a choice to choose a video thumbnail for their video. If they fail to choose any attractive thumbnail, the video host will choose a thumbnail itself. When you can choose your thumbnail, you would not like any other video channel, including YouTube, to pick a thumbnail for you. As it is your video, you can pick up the best video thumbnail for your video. While making a video, the animators should remember that viewers won’t click on an uninteresting video. Therefore, exploit your maximum resources that create stunning thumbnails that resonate with your company and brand. The best thumbnail in a video will bring a lasting impression on viewers while having an instant glance.

  • Highlight Emotions in the video

Video thumbnails with facial expressions evoke emotions in viewers and give a sense of feeling as they watch it. The accurate emotions and facial expressions incorporated in the video invigorate the audience, providing a better idea about your explainer video content. An engaging thumbnail in a video attracts video hosting platforms where an extensive audience can watch your video. However, it is mostly observed that many videos fail to engage customers due to lifeless and boring characters. Consequently, the video loses credibility if the audience is dissatisfied with the video content. Therefore, try making a captivating video by choosing a friendly face that makes a huge impact. A pleasant face instantly brings your video thumbnail to life.

  • Animation in a Thumbnail

Another effective tip is to include animation in a thumbnail that offers super effective results to the animated video. Static images look dull; however, bringing motion to your shots will entice the audience to watch the video. Although beginners might face hurdles in creating an outstanding animated video, they can use the best video-making tools like Adobe Spark and Canva to create an attractive custom video thumbnail.

  • Test Various Thumbnail Options

While making a video, analyze the thumbnails used for the video. Suppose you have more than one thumbnail idea for a video; you can test each by running on various videos. The testing A/B technique will verify which thumbnail gets the highest attention and suits best for your video.

  • Specific and Catchy Headline for Your Thumbnail

The success of a video thumbnail relies on how the video appears to the wider audience. A clearer, more informative, and more fascinating video thumbnail provides a high chance for the viewers to click the video. Marketers know the tactics to create eye-catching headlines. Therefore, they shorten the headline and reduce it to a readable length. Finally, they reduce the character size, creating a captivating, meaningful title.

  • Add your brand name to the thumbnails

The marketers are required to include their brand name in the video thumbnails created by them. Consequently, it will endorse that the video is associated with their name. In addition, the video having personalized, captivating logos will help the audience recognize the video and watch it engagingly.

To Recapitulate

The article emphasizes the benefits of using engaging video thumbnails that help boost your brand. You have learned why low-quality explainer videos turned out to be defective and failed to engage a targeted audience. New and inexperienced animators may find it tough to adopt different approaches and styles to create the best quality explainer videos. However, some video animators think creatively to create personalized video thumbnails for their clients. They employ unique styles and elements in the video, such as incorporating fun and humor, color combinations, and animation to visualize a story. 2D and 3D character animation, Whiteboard, storyboard, live-action, and motion graphics in the explainer video will create marvelous videos that assure the best marketing results!

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