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Technological Innovations from Soul App Metaverse Inspire WAIC

by Nathan Zachary
Technological Innovations from Soul App Metaverse Inspire WAIC

On September 1st, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened in Shanghai, China. The theme of this year is “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Multiverse”. During this conference, industry experts and leading companies joint together to discuss how artificial intelligence will promote. Human society into the next stage of development and how enterprises should seize the opportunity of the metaverse. Soul App metaverse inspires WAIC with its two latest innovations, the NAWA engine and LingXi system.

 In 2021, Soul App made its strategic turn to the metaverse and put forward its mission of establishing a social. Metaverse for the young generation. Soul App metaverse targets the inherent social properties of the metaverse and is committed. To bringing an immersive social experience to individuals. To achieve this ultimate goal, Soul App made a series of actions. LingXi system and NAWA engine are two latest products of Soul App’s efforts in establishing a social metaverse.

On the social networking side, Soul App metaverse pioneered a creative way of connecting. Which is to entrust the task of building social connections to an AI-powered recommendation mechanism. This mechanism is based on its massive database by which it can connect two individuals with compatible interest graphs. Thus breaking the limit of the region’s social background, and existing social circles. This system distinguished Soul App from other social networking platforms and soon went viral, especially among the young group.

LingXi system is the latest update from Soul App’s AI-recommendation algorithm. It is advanced compared to previous generations in many aspects. While previous systems function by analyzing users’ interest-graph and behaviors. LingXi would model the process of starting connections by integrating real-time user interactions with various social scenarios. In other words, it will not focus on a single interest graph to portray its users.

Instead, this system, commencing from a more dynamic perspective. Will simultaneously analyze the diverse situations in which social interactions happen to better understand user behaviors. These models can further be converted to data to enrich the database. Which is considered to be an optimal way to solve the problem of information silos.

LingXi system is expected to increase the efficiency of building connections. Improve the quality of social ties, and ultimately create a unique kind of social networking. Once this system is officially launched. More social scenarios will be observed in the Soul App metaverse, which can better guide users to venture into more diverse interactions in a virtual sphere. 

The other innovation under the spotlight during WAIC is Soul App’s self-developed NAWA engine. Which is also another indispensable element of the Soul App metaverse. NAWA Engine is an integrated SDK that combines core technologies such as AI, 3D rendering, and image processing. This engine can analyze real human faces and reproduce them as 3D cartoon ones. That can capture real-time facial expressions and vividly convey emotions.

Differentiated from the LingXi system the NAWA engine. Is developed to complete the infrastructure of the Soul App metaverse. Virtual avatars, as the virtual duplicate of real human. Is the passport to virtual spaces and one of the inherent properties of the metaverse. In this unreal playground, virtual avatars are the carriers of human social activities. As well as the foundation around which virtual identities are established. 

NAWA engine inherits the tradition of precedent 2D avatars but it grants users more freedom to design their personalized images. For instance, users can choose among different masks and stickers that distinguish them from others. Besides, these 3D avatars are dynamic graphics that can better capture real-time facial expressions and reveal the true personality of users. Thus adding to the fun of socializing in the Soul App metaverse.

Currently, this 3D rendering engine is tested in features. Like Soul Cam and video calls. Users who wear their avatars can take selfies, shoot short videos, or exchange video calls. With other users without unveiling their true identity. What’s more, it is reported that Soul App. Will cooperate with creators to launch a series of 3D avatar products in its online shops soon. 

During the exhibition, the two latest innovations from the Soul App metaverse attracted numerous people. Audiences are invited to experience the Soul metaverse by creating their own 3D. Avatars and starting their journey of meeting new friends in Soul App. This offers a glimpse into how people lead their virtual lives in the future. Gaming, entertaining, and socializing in virtual communities. Those scenes previously depicted in science fiction and movies now are anticipated to walk into real life in the near future. 

First launched to the market in 2016. Soul App has always valued innovation as the core driving force of its development. Commencing from its unique AI algorithm and social networking modes. Soul App metaverse is expanding to cover more regions and countries, providing more fun interaction modes and ultimately extend. The pure and authentic pleasure of heart-to-heart connecting to every corner.

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