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How to Develop an Eye for a Creative Craft Logo Design?

by Nathan Zachary
Creative Craft Logo Design

Well, it all comes down to your ability to grab different ideas in your mind and craft something interesting out of them. Whether the process is mental or physical, it takes time. Practice makes you perfect as you brainstorm. Creative craft logo design is not that difficult to achieve. A logo with your skill, creativity, and craft merged into it is the only logo that will attract your target audience. Let’s discuss what you can do for a creative change that will help you craft the best logo design:


Reviewing other people’s logo designs is the first step into the logoverse. Do plenty of research, and review several different companies and product logo designs. When you fully understood the idea behind a logo being designed specifically for one product or a company overall. Then you can start your journey into creative craft logo design. This kind of creative journey never truly ends, and you start to progress with time. It becomes a need for the mind to storm and look for new ideas. And this is how you find your special power.

Learn Adobe illustrator

There is also canva where you can make a creative craft logo design but most designers prefer to work on adobe illustrator as it has many advanced features. You can choose to edit the logo however you like and adjust it to your preference. You just need to see some tutorials on youtube and you can easily get started. The only skill that matters here is your willingness to do what you have never done. After you have the knowledge of how it works, you can skip to the part where it’s time to make it happen.

Find the right font

Picking the perfect font for your logo is the first thing you should do. Look for quirky, italic, or rounded fonts. There are several fonts available, some display a classic look, some have a professional look to them and many make your logo look stylish and fun. It totally depends on what you would be going for and what your business or product is all about. Set the size right, and adjust the font so that it sits well with the rest of the design.

Carefully choose the color

Choosing the best possible color for your logo is another big point to be considered. As you would not want your logo to be too bright or way too dark. Set the hue right, do some saturation adjustments, keep the contrast good and make sure you add some 3D effect or a shadow. Giving shadow to your logo will surely enhance its presence. Once you are satisfied with your half-made design then simply move to the other step.


Your logo must not look dull or creamy. The style adds beauty to the logo and it resonates with the audience. There is little to no effort you need to craft a creative skillful logo design. It’s all in your mind, you just need to put it on the screen and make it more impactful. Stylish logos go a long way when made with the target audience in mind. So make sure to put your all in this section of the design.

Export in quality format

Finally, when you are fully done making your dream logo, you now need to export that exact logo in the quality format. Make sure not to forget about it. Right-click on the menu screen at the top-left corner for adobe illustrator and click export. Then you will see another option asking for quality adjustment, just keep the bar high. And make sure to always export it in PNG format because most people use PNG for logo exportation.


Now that you have an idea of how to develop an eye for a creative craft logo design, better start working on your craft right away. There is not much skill required, just your willingness to do what you desire the most. We have discussed how reviewing other people’s designs, learning adobe illustrator, finding the right font, carefully choosing the color, keeping the logo stylish, and exporting in quality format could be beneficial. I hope you learned a few things.

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