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Where did i go for Botox in Dubai?

by Nathan Zachary

When I initially began to investigate Botox injections, I, like many others, was extremely concerned about going to the wrong doctor. After spending a considerable amount of time researching numerous clinics and practitioners for Botox in Dubai, Novomed appeared to be everybody’s top choice when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Some even called it “the best dermatology clinic in Fujairah.”

I dialed the office’s toll-free number and inquired in depth about their services, costs, and health providers. The phone operator answered all of my questions and was super polite and helpful. I was offered many booking dates that fit my busy schedule wonderfully!

On the day of my appointment, I quickly learned how timely and organized the office is. I didn’t wait long before I was introduced to the board-certified dermatologist. I told her about the deep and noticeable lines that seemed to form between my eyebrows no matter what my facial expression was.

The dermatologist took the time to listen to my needs and made me feel confident in her care. She suggested that I have the Botox brow lift non-surgical procedure, which is designed to relax the underlying muscles, and smooth out the skin on the outside.

The dermatologist cleansed my skin thoroughly to make sure it was free of make-up and oils before starting the procedure. She also used a local anesthetic to ensure that I was pain-free. I experienced a slight tugging sensation from the needle, but the entire procedure was mostly painless.

The injecting process was finished in a matter of 15 minutes, and the nurse applied an ice pace over the treatment site to ease any discomfort. The doctor prescribed over-the-counter medications to help me control redness and pain at home. She also told me to avoid massaging the injection site or sleeping on it for 24 hours to prevent Botox from spreading to other areas.

I was informed that I would be able to see the final results in about a week. During this period, I followed the doctor’s instructions and kept in close contact with her.

I’m more than happy with my results! I no longer see these wrinkles between my eyebrows in photos, and I feel much more confident about my appearance. Thank you to everyone at Novomed for your exceptional and personalized care!

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