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How to get 40-year recertification in Miami-dade

by Nathan Zachary

In Miami – Dade the building owners have to take special care of their building health, and structural and electrical safety. The building needs time-to-time maintenance as they are made from the highest quality material for construction. In country Miami – Dawe our company has been providing the building recertification facility for years. The Souffront engineering company provides the inspection services along with all the necessary documentation which is mandatory for compliance with the recertification process.

In Miami it is mandatory for building owners, whether single-family homes in Miami-dade, commercial buildings or duplex buildings. That have an occupant load and are built under 2000 square feet or less than which are in existence for 40 years to get recertification inspection. After 40 years of recertification its is necessary to make the regular recertification after every 10 years. 

The government itself sent the notice to the commercial business owners building, whose buildings are soon going to be 40. So most people look for this service and other related queries such as how to get 40-year recertification in Miami-dade, by whom these services are provided, whom should they choose and which engineering company is best for the process. Here Souffront Engineering comes up with the solution to all engineering-related problems.

As per the laws and provisions of section 8-11 (f) of the Miami – Dade country code, it is a must for all building owners to get their building recertification after every 40 years. But before moving ahead let’s discuss 40 years of recertification and it is all processed completely.

What is 40-year Recertification? 

Well, safety is a must, in every field, and when it comes to a building which completes its 40 years of age, it is a must to be ensured by an inspection, which follows all the safety measures for the building, such as the structure should meet to its safety standard, and the building codes, which need to get a repair or maintain, or in which part of the building need maintenance.

After the 40 year recertification process, it is a must for the building owner to re-follow this recertification process every 10 years for the building’s health.

  • Our Souffront Engineering tries to provide your commercial property with a professional touch and recertification inspection to meet a successful building health checkup.
  • Our team members assure you to provide a quickly generated detailed quote of the building and its inspection through mail services.
  • Accuracy is our key to successful reporting, which is made by a certified team and experts, in the form of digital and hardcopy for the convenience of the building owners.
  • Easy scheduling and applying, it only needs the user to accept the proposal ASAP, after that team immediately starts its work over the building which needs the 40-year recertification inspection.
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Process of 40-year recertification 

The process of recertification evolves around keeping the building safe, the country itself generates its safety measure list, which should be followed and fulfilled by the engineers.

The process starts with structural recertification, in which the engineer notices the extent part of the building, materials requires roofing system, floor and roof system, steel framing, windows, and wood framing.

Later on, it covers the electrical recertification process, which contains electrical services, branch circuits, conduit circuits, gutters, electronic panels, grounding and electric equipment, parking illumination, feeder conductors, wiring method, and cables.

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What gets inspected 

When a building age turns 40, the country government or the city code compliance officials send a notice to the building in which they mention the inspection of their property and building recertification for preventing future loss. The date of recertification is based on the formation date of the building or it can be after it.

The things that get inspected are the structural condition of the building, mechanical damages, repair and its estimated time, and electrical safety inspection which contains, the condition of the equipment, life safety, and its phtographs.

The workers also focus on illumination safety such as light intensity tests, and existing lighting surveys and we also focus on infrared safety inspection such as thermography level II and also make a written report with the photographs of the electrical system which operates at 400 amperes or more than it.

Who does 40-year inspection 

Our company’s best and most experienced engineer an architect who possesses the position of active general contractor and has a professional engineering licence does this inspection, by completely examining the building by its depth and the electric repairs if required, preparing construction documents, the inspection report and submits the report to the building department.

The document includes

  • The structural condition of the building
  • Repair estimate time
  • Structure damage identification
  • Building photographs.

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What makes us the best

When your building turns 40 years of structural date, Our Souffront Engineering team works from the view of the property owner, manager, buyer and sellers. User satisfaction is a must for our team, in the recertification process, so we try to provide the inspection reports at our best, we also offer a comprehensive turn-key solution to our clients, in which they can use the simple one-stop turn-key solution and approach so that they can apply for the recertifying of their building.

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