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How to Get Views on Instagram Posts, Stories, and Videos

by Nathan Zachary

Have you been frustrated with your Instagram engagement? If so, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will share tips on getting more views for posts and stories. By following these simple hacks that our team has found success in using over the years, I promise it’ll be worth your time – plus, implementing them onto an already popular account like yours could bring about significant changes overnight (or at least make things happen much faster). Let’s dive right into what works best when boosting exposure online.

Add Keywords to Title

Adding relevant keywords is the best way to buy more views Instagram post. This will help people find what they’re looking for when browsing the app, and it’ll ensure you have better rankings in search engine results too! You could use phrases like ” travel blogger” or even just #travelbloggers around town so that any armchair travelers can enjoy some fantastic photos from their favorite local tour guide.

Post Your Content Regularly

It is essential to post regularly on Instagram for your account to be successful. If you only upload the occasional photo or video, your followers may forget about you, and content can get buried in their feed; but by following a consistent posting schedule every other day (or more), not only will they stay top of mind when new material arrives – which increases chances someone sees what’s happening right now!

Hashtags Can be Used to Increase The Reach of Your Posts.

Hashtags are an excellent way to engage followers. They’re also suitable for building relationships with other users and giving them a sense of community. By labeling content with relevant tags and avoiding overuse or typing errors, users will can new things worthy of their time Additionally, using famous words can boost engagement rates.

When you want more views on your Instagram content, just follow these simple tips. Starting with hashtagging will help boost the number of people who see what’s happening in real-time!

Add Location Tags for Even More Exposure

Location tags are a great way to increase the reach and popularity of your content. When you use them, it becomes eligible for featured placement in that location’s story, giving an even more significant boost when trying to promote yourself or your company through social media channels like Facebook & Twitter!

Post Interesting, Engaging Content that People Will Want to Share

Following these tips can get more views on your Instagram posts. Start using hashtags and location tags to ensure people know where the content is about them! Your audience will also thank you for it, so post something exciting today or tomorrow instead of waiting until next week when they might have forgotten about what was posted last month.

Tag Other Users in Your Posts and Stories for Cross-promotion

There are several ways you can get more views on your content! One way is by tagging other users in posts and stories. This will help promote both yours as well as the tagged post or account, which could lead to an increase in exposure for all parties involved – not just those running the campaign at hand but also potential new followers that might enjoy what they see (and become interested enough with their own lives) so muchly follow them back online themselves after seeing how adorable/funny something was shared by someone else first-hand.

Use Instagram Ads to Reach a Wider Audience

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach your customers where they spend time on the internet. And now, with Instagram ads in tow and creative designs galore at our fingertips–it’s never been easier to engage them. By running a campaign on this platform to reach out further than ever before while also increasing engagement rates within communities that are explicitly interested in what it is about, hopefully creating lifelong customers or fans for life!

The possibilities don’t stop there either – if boosts were seen by boosting posts like leading to greater visibility among potential clients, then all thanks likely won’t go unnoticed.

Interact with Other Users

Interactions are the key to building an engaged community on Instagram! Be sure not just like posts and comments but also engage with others by liking their photos and sharing content related to your own experiences or the interests of those you follow. This will make them feel more welcome in return, which helps the foster connection between members and increases engagement time spent within any given post from all parties involved.


In conclusion, following the tips we’ve outlined in this blog post, you should see a significant increase in views for your Instagram posts and stories. By taking advantage of trends on the platform and using tools like hashtags and geotags, as well as employing some of the strategies that have been successful for us here at Hootsuite, you can give your account the exposure it needs to reach new heights.

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