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How to Insulate a Finished Attic in Your Home

by Nathan Zachary
Attic Wizard

Do you hate checking utility bills in your letterbox in the winter? Maybe yes, because you want to avoid going through the content, which reflects how much it costs to heat your home. The cost of energy consumption consists of the majority of a homeowner’s utility bill in Los Angeles. The reality is that the bulk of these homes is insufficiently insulated.

You may conserve energy and cut your monthly power expenses by properly insulating large, frequently ignored spaces, including attics. The Los Angeles attic insulation has earned its goodwill among homeowners due to the presence of a few top-notch service providers, such as Attic Wizard. Hiring them should be the wisest step you have ever taken to protect your home and minimize ever-rising power consumption.

Here, you will learn what to expect from this post and how to insulate your attic efficiently and affordably:

1. Select the Materials

The first things you need to do is venture out and purchase your supplies. Depending on your preferences, you can pick between loose fill insulation sold in big sacks and fiberglass batts and rolls. For cathedral attics or ceilings with usual geometric shapes, fiberglass rolls are superior since they have a greater density than loose fill. For attics with awkward corners or impediments, loose fill is preferable. Be aware that you will need to hire an expert to blow the insulation in the event of procuring loose fill insulation. However, when you have the necessary tools with the right professionals, the process is simply quick and hassle-free.

2. Estimate the Insulation Requirement

Assess the existing insulation in your attic to calculate the quantity of fresh insulation you have to inject. Acquiring more insulation if you currently have 6 inches or more will certainly not be economical. If the said measurement is not feasible, identify the insulating materials you currently have and examine their R-values.

The term R-value indicates the effectiveness of the insulation. R-values over 1.0 reflect denser insulation. For instance, high-density fiberglass is more beneficial in blocking heat than medium-density fiberglass or loose-fill insulation due to its greater R-value. R-44 to 50 is the suggested R-value for attics in new Los Angeles dwellings, compared to R-38 for those that are already built. To determine how much insulation you should arrange, sum up the R-values of your current insulation by the number of inches and then subtract the result obtained from 38.

3. Start the Process of Insulation

Once you have everything you need, you should start preparing the attic for the desired insulation. If the floor is not done, place makeshift flooring across the beams and install temporary illumination as well. People tend to forget the essence of lighting. As a result, you might find yourself working harder than you anticipated.

If you locate any cracks around chimneys, base beams, or vents that allow outside air to enter, you must seal them up. Next, you may begin installing the insulation. Wear a mask at all times when working with fiberglass to protect your lungs, and keep insulation at least three inches away from air ducts to maintain appropriate air movement. The use of gloves is compulsory during this operation.

4. Adopt Safety Measures

You should only use insulation with non-flammable facing when working within close objects like chimneys that may become hot to the touch. When working near ducts, you can use insulation having moisture-resistant backing.

To avoid getting trapped in a small space close to a sloped roof, you should install insulation strips from the room’s corners to its center. As you move toward the middle of the space, secure the insulation with staples in the spaces between the beams. If you succeed, you should be pleased with your less expensive and more energy-driven Los Angeles home attic insulation.


The additional benefit of installing attic insulation will convey to potential homeowners that they can cut their heating costs as well if they ever need to sell their properties. As a result, those wanting to buy a new home will find your Los Angeles property to be a more secure option. The only way to do this is to appoint a skilled attic specialist like Attic Wizard!

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