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Discover How Gojek Clone Script Works Simply?

by Nathan Zachary
gojek clone script

Developing the app from scratch is challenging. Not only the entrepreneur has to deal with the entire planning but also waste their precious time on hiring and retaining the professionals! The question is, why waste resources when you can simply purchase a ready-made Gojek Clone Script? 

What Do You Mean by Gojek Clone Script? 

A clone app script is a ready-made code of an existing app like Gojek, Uber, Grab, and so on. These codes are made by experts who want to build a ‘similar’ app but with a unique interface, design, and functionality! 

Think of these clones as the ‘adapted’ version! 

These clone app scripts are best when you want to achieve instant success.  

Gojek Clone App

Perks of Using a Clone App Script 

To help you understand these clone scripts, mentioned below is a list of the handful of advantages that you can leverage. 

Easily Customizable 

You can easily customize these clone app scripts according to your needs! For example, if you want to add a few new elements to your app, you can do it by simply customizing the app from your end!

Quick Launch Time 

A ready-made Gojek Clone Script is quick to launch because you don’t need to develop everything from scratch. It comes pre-integrated into the script! 

All you need to do is bring it to life and launch it on the app stores & servers.  

Low Investment Cost 

The clone app scripts are available for a small cost as well! As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to splurge all your life’s savings just to develop the app and launch it on iOS and Android App Stores! 

3 Simple Steps to Use the Clone App Script 

These are the 3 simple steps to use the clone app script and launch a fully-fledged mobile app for your multi-service business! 

However, before we step into the steps, do you know that the script that you’ll be purchasing has everything you need? Including the 101+ on-demand services that your customers would be booking with a single tap on the screen! 

  1. Purchase the Script 

The first step is to purchase the script from a white-labeling firm that has developed and launched more than 1200 apps in just a couple of years. 

Well, while you’re shopping for the Gojek Clone Script, ensure that the white-labeling firm has showcased the video testimonials of their clients for your reference! Furthermore, ensure that the firm is ready to sign the NDA and also, zip & send you the licensed source code for one domain of your choice! 

Get It White-labeled 

To test if the script that you’d be purchasing is right for your business or not, take the demo app trial for a considerable time! 

Once you try the app and feel like it’s ‘perfect’ go ahead and purchase the entire clone app script package!

After you purchase the package, the experts will start working on the project and white-label the app for you. During this process, they will completely rebrand the base app with your company’s name & logo and integrate the languages that you want along with the currencies, SMS & payment gateways of your choice. 

Launch on App Stores & Server under Your Accounts 

Once the Gojek Clone Script is white-labeled according to your needs, the experts will go ahead and launch the app on iOS & Android app stores and servers. 

They will launch the apps under your account name so that you have the entire control over everything! 

What Should Your Gojek Clone Script Must-have? 

Well, when you purchase the app from the white-labeling firm, you must get the complete package that includes all the following components: 

  • User apps: Android & iOS  
  • Driver/Service provider apps: Android & iOS  
  • Store apps: Android & iOS 
  • Main website & admin panel: Dispatcher panel and Admin Panel  
  • Supporting panels: Corporate Organization Panel, Hotel-Tourist Taxi Booking Panel, etc.
  • KIOSK Apps:  Android & iOS 
  • iWatch taxi booking app

In Conclusion: 

What do you think about purchasing a Gojek Clone Script now? Seems like the best business idea, right? Well, you can start with the app development process ASAP. 

How? Well, start the demo app trial, and then, proceed with the development! And in one week, your app will be ready for launch on both iOS & Android app stores!

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