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Gojek Clone: How & Why Automate On-Demand Business in 2022?

by Nathan Zachary
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Gone are the days when businesses were handled and managed manually! In this era where everything happens through smartphones, who has the time to enter the data manually? Well, that is one reason why the Gojek Clone has become the talk of the town! With the app, you can do everything online, on your phone, or desktop. Doesn’t that make this on-demand app a perfect solution? 

This blog explores the grounds for adopting the latest technology and starting an online business if you are new or taking your existing business to the next level. Let’s learn how and why automation with the Gojek-like app is vital. 

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Why Automate the Business in 2022? 

Mechanization of business or simply doing things “electronically” is the new normal in 2022. Prior pandemic, local businesses were running and earning well. But during the COVID-19 waves, they suffered the most. Whereas online platforms like Amazon, Grab, and Postmates, saw a hike in their sales and profits. 

Learning from their business models and strategies, one can say that automation is necessary because: 

1. It improves efficiency 

Handling the data and paperwork is a tough job. It slows down the business process. With Gojek Clone, you don’t have to worry about manual work. For instance, when going shopping, the local vendor makes a handwritten bill, which takes time and unnecessarily makes the queue long at the counter. 

However, when shopping online, the bill is electronically generated. It lowers the wait time. Besides, your customers don’t have to wait in long queues. 

2. Reduces human-made errors 

Since everything is online, there is no chance of human error. The machine does all, from managing the inventory to calculating the bill and taking orders. It also saves humans from committing costly mistakes! 

3. Increased profits 

With the automation of business processes, you can create value for your customers! The organization can increase profitability by hiring machines for mundane tasks so that you can spend more time adding value to the customers’ lives. 

In brief, you have better chances of earning a massive profit amount! 

4. You can audit the records anytime! 

The Gojek Clone app allows the administrator to audit the records anytime; they wish to. For instance, an admin can: 

  • Track the services, its process, and activities 
  • See who completed the service and when 

It helps the company to track its business processes without having to investigate! 

5. Higher scalability 

Manual work usually hinders the growth of the business. Let’s take a simple example, compare the situation where you have to make 100 invoices and one where 10 invoices are required. You may take too much time and resources to generate even one invoice. Therefore, taking the help of machines will help you perform better, elevating your chances to grow limitlessly!  

How to Automate Your Business in 2022?

The answer to the question is simple! Launch the Gojek Clone mobile application. It’s an on-demand app that allows you to proffer 82+ services to customers. The range of services varies from transportation & logistics to healthcare on demand and courier delivery. 

To automate your business, follow these simple steps! 

  1. Find a white-labeling firm that has launched more than 1200 pre-built apps in only a few years. 
  2. Test the firm’s demo app for free! Jot down services, features, and other customization options you want to integrate with your app. 
  3. Tell your app requirements to the project manager who’ll be assigned for your work. They will pass down your needs to the app development team directly! 
  4. The app development process begins! You can sit back and relax. 
  5. After the development concludes, you can access the uploaded apps on the firm’s development server to review them.
  6. After reviewing, show the app development team the green flag to move forward with the launch process. 
  7. Your Gojek Clone is submitted to iOS and Android app stores now!

In conclusion

On the whole, to automate your business, you must invest in the right on-demand app solution. By launching the  Gojek Clone app, you will be able to sell more and earn more! So, why wait when you can launch the app and become an entrepreneur in just 1 to 2 weeks? 

Grab the chance today!

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