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How to Monitor Employee Productivity of Work From Home Employees?

by Uneeb Khan
Monitor Employee Productivity

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why it’s important to track the productivity of your work-from-home employees. Finding out if employees are working from home to enhance their working efficiency and productivity is vital for business owners. After all, it’s no secret for most employers that there is a positive impact of working from home on employee productivity. Of course, there are different ways you can monitor employee productivity. Here are some ways that will help you monitor how effective they are at their jobs.

Ways to Monitor Employee Productivity

Here are some of the ways to monitor employee performance and Productivity.

Set clear expectations

To make sure you have a clear idea of what you expect from your employees, it’s important to set clear expectations. If an employee is working from home and has been told that they will be present for meetings and calls, then it’s important that they know this ahead of time.

One way to do this is by having a policy in place that states exactly what the company expects from its remote workers. You should include information like their hours, where they are located during those hours, how much time off is required before working remotely again, and whether or not there are any other rules regarding being at home versus being in the office or traveling somewhere else while on vacation/holidays, etc.

Use work from home tracking software

Employers are always looking for ways to monitor the work of their employees. A lot of companies have started using work from home tracking software to monitor employee productivity. This software lets managers know where their employees are and what they are doing at any given time.

There are many benefits to this type of work-from-home tracking software. For example, employers can use it as a way to keep track of where their employees are at all times. They have detailed reporting of the employee activity. Attendance management is also possible with the help of this WFH monitoring software. Employers also use it as a way to ensure that remote workers aren’t slacking off or taking too many breaks throughout the day when they should be working.

Make sure everyone stays connected

When you’re managing a remote team, it’s important to make sure everyone stays connected. You can’t always rely on the person who is best at making sure they’re available when you need them to be.

Make sure everyone has a phone and/or email address they can be contacted on. Ideally, one that goes straight to voicemail if there’s no answer. Make sure everyone has an easy way of getting in touch with each other outside of work hours as well. Sharing calendars ensures people are aware of how long someone will be out of the office next week or month. This minimizes distractions from those who may not want their time blocked off at all!

Monitor workloads

Monitoring employee workloads can help you identify employees who are overworked, underworked, or not working at all. If an employee’s productivity is low and they are not responding to messages or emails, it may be time to consider reassigning them.

It’s important to monitor your work-from-home employees’ workloads. So that you’re able to make sure they’re getting enough rest and exercise during their days off. But also so that they aren’t overloaded with too many tasks. With the use of work from home software, it is easy to keep track of employee activities throughout the day.

Track progress on big projects

By monitoring progress on big projects and making sure employees are on track. You can get a sense of their work ethic. Are they working hard or not?  A manager might want to consider sending a slack employee home early or giving them additional training. Before sending them back into the field with more responsibilities if he or she is slacking off.

If your employees are working hard, but not getting much done in terms of results. Then it’s probably time for someone else to take over this part of the project entirely and hand it off for completion later on down the line. You might even want to consider delegating full ownership of this task to someone else. So that someone else can focus solely on completing it without having anything else interfere with their attention span or motivation level.

Implement employee wellbeing tracking

The first step to monitor employee productivity is to implement an employee well-being tracking system. Employee well-being is important because it can help you identify issues and address them before they become big problems, which will ultimately lead to better employee performance.


When it comes to working from home, the key is giving your employees clear expectations of what’s expected of them.  It will give you an insight into how employees should contribute to the business if you monitor employee productivity. This will help you make sure that everyone is working in sync with each other, which means more productivity at the end of each day.

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