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How to Read Angel Numbers 

by Nathan Zachary
Astrologer in Missisuaga

Don’t be alarmed if you repeatedly see the same number or a number sequence in your daily life. These are called angel numbers and have a specific meaning just for you. It’s common to see angel numbers as you become more awake spiritually. These numbers do not just appear as the same number repeatedly. If you are seeing the angel numbers, you need to learn how to read them. This guide will help you understand how to read angel numbers.  

What are angel numbers? 

Repeating numbers or numbers that appear in a significant sequence means something, and they’re known as angel numbers. You can see these numbers anywhere; on a license plate, house number, or even your morning iced coffee receipt. The angel numbers usually appear in groups of three, in splint numbers like 3303 or as a number sequence like 323 angel number. They are known as angel Numbers because they are a meaningful coincidence and divine guidance from angels and the universe.  

What are the angel numbers trying to say? 

These numbers feel spiritually significant to you. Your angel number can connect to your numerology life path number, though not always. An angel number is a sign from your angels and appears when the angels want to show support, boost your confidence, guide you, or affirm something. The numbers can also signify new beginnings, such as a start of a new relationship or an appointment on the horizon.  

How do you read angel number? 

You can create your angel number with numerology. Angels are often connected to our numerology life path numbers. For example, if your numerology life path number is 1, your primary angel number is 1111. You can easily find your numerology life path number by adding up the number of your birth month, birthday, and birth year. Another approach is to find the angel number in your name, with A=1, B=2, and so forth. Add up the numbers of your first, middle, and last name to find your angel number.  

Common angel numbers 

Here are some of the common angel numbers  


This is an angel number with a powerful energy signature. Do not be alarmed if you look at the clock at 1:11 or a barista gives you a $1.11 change. The angels are telling you it is a great moment to manifest your dreams. It’s a message that you are on the right path and making the correct choices. You could see 1111 or 111 a few times over a day or a week.  


This is another angel number that signifies metaphorical farming. It has vibrations of balance and harmony and wants you to focus on your goals and stay grounded. If you see frequent 222 angel numbers, it’s a confirmation to trust in yourself because your efforts will not be wasted.  


Good things are in the works if you come across frequent 333 numbers. The angel number signifies that the angels and the universe are working behind the scenes for your good. It resonates with optimism, joy, and ascension for your immediate future. It also symbolizes wisdom, art, and culture.  


When you see angel number 4, know that an angel is pushing you to re-energize and start taking action. This number encompasses practicality and determination and will inform you that progress is happening. Everything works out in your favor, which signifies spiritual growth and awakening.  


Angel number resonates with change and the unconventional. The number inspires you to be adventurous, try new experiences, and learn life lessons. It indicates financial good fortune and positive money signs. The number also connects to the sun’s energy, joy, and happiness, asking you to be light-hearted and have fun. 


Angel number 6 focuses on responsibility and selflessness. If you’ll come to a frequent 666 number, the angel is asking you to think about others and compromise whenever required. The number also represents family life, financial matters, and service to others. The angel asks you to stop worrying about your financial situation and have faith because you’re on the path to fortune and success.  


This angel number seven is the most reassuring and optimistic. It’s a sign of luck from the angel that should excite you. The lucky number 7 shows that you are on the right path with high vibrational divine energy around you. It signifies a time to manifest your dreams and trust your intuition.  


If your angel number is 8, you have good luck with travel and transportation. A sign of safety and indicates abundance. It lets you know that an incredible financial abundance is possible. A sequence 888 signals you to stay open to abundance in whatever form it appears  


The number 9 emphasizes that all things end. If you see 999 for a split angel number like 909 often, it is a reminder that a chapter in your life is ending. You might see this angel number when you struggle to complete a goal or lose steam towards the end of a project. It reminds you that the finish line or success is around the corner. The number could also encourage you to let go of something that has run its course. 


This is a sign of fresh opportunity and an open door. It signifies that anything is possible and creates a clean slate to start fresh. It also gives you the power to make giant leaps forward. 

Bottom line  

Angel numbers are a common form of divine guidance. As your connection to the divine grows, your angels will reveal more. If you encounter an angel number, pay attention to them and seek a more profound meaning. Use the number 1 to 9 above to understand these signs. 

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