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How To Wear Men’s Chelsea Boots: Classic And Current

by Nathan Zachary

Anyone looking for an elegant and alternative piece will love to know the men’s chelsea boot . A versatile, beautiful model that always values ​​any look. This boot was very successful in past decades, fell into oblivion, but now it’s back in trend. We can see it present in the style of boys of all ages, combining with different looks for different occasions.

The popular Chelsea boot is a style icon for men. Its origin is very old, more than 100 years ago, in England. According to experts, it was made especially for Queen Victoria, in the mid-1850s. The idea was to create comfortable shoes, without laces and with side elastics. Since then, it has won over many people. The popularization of chelsea boots, however, happened later, especially with the advent of English rock bands, such as the Beatles. With that, it became a fever all over the world. The name even derives from the Chelsea neighborhood, where all the local hype was concentrated.

After a while, it ended up losing ground to other models of men’s boots , but it was always the favorite of many guys. Nowadays, however, it has become popular again, thanks to brands that have started to redesign it.

Black men’s chelsea boots

The black men’s chelsea boot is the most conventional model. Black matches almost any composition, from pieces of the same color to sober tones. It’s perfect to complement a simple and easy-to-assemble look. So, when choosing the black chelsea boot , you have countless possibilities in your look, be it for work, for parties, etc. 

Brown men’s chelsea boots

For those looking for an alternative model besides black, a good option is the brown men’s chelsea boot . This is another version that goes with pretty much everything and has a good range of tones, from an earthy pattern to a lighter one. Likewise, brown looks great with pieces in blue, gray, black, etc.

Beige men’s chelsea boots

Another neutral version to embellish any look is the beige men’s chelsea boot . All shades harmonize perfectly with pieces in light or dark colors, whether it’s a suede or leather model. Good option for those who want to highlight a look for everyday events.

Men’s leather chelsea boots

It is impossible not to mention the men’s leather chelsea boot . This material is resistant, beautiful and perfect for decorating any material. Leather pieces bring sophistication to the look, so the plain model is perfect to use in refined events – especially at night. In addition, the leather boot has several colors for guys of all styles, in which the black and brown models stand out. Likewise, they are perfect for various compositions – dark jeans, dress pants, leather jackets , overcoats, blouses/shirts in neutral colors, etc.

Highlights of the Chelsea boot

The main feature of a Chelsea boot is the elastic on the side of the upper to make it easy to put on, as it is a boot that does not have a lace. Another interesting point to note is that Chelsea is practically a material only made through a mold and sewn on the back, but it is not always completely smooth. Chelsea is a boot considered short or mid-calf.

Details that make a difference

If you don’t like the traditional or the basic, that smooth boot, I’ll tell you that there are details that make a lot of difference in a Chelsea boot. You’ve probably heard of Brogue, Wingtip and Cap Toe. These names do not determine the model of the boot but are features that are included in the name. For example: there are chelsea boots and also chelsea boots with brogue. There are derby boots and derbys with brogue and wingtip. Did you understand? Brogue, Wingtip toe and Cap toe are the features I found most easily, but amazingly, there are Chelsea boots too moc toe.

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