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How to widen, enlarge or soften a pair of shoes?

by Nathan Zachary

What if the feeling of discomfort was due to the fact that your shoes are still too tight and rigid or simply too tight and small? Rest assured it is possible to relax them and enlarge them slightly.

  • One of the first techniques is to put the shoes on top of a container of hot water. The steam released will help relax the shoe. If you want to purchase shoes then you chose only the best brand like Dolce Vita shoes for a lifetime.
  • To enlarge a pair of boots: place balls of slightly damp newspaper inside them to enlarge them a little and leave them to dry for 24 hours.
  • To go even further in widening a pair of shoes, you can follow the freezer technique: place two freezer bags filled with water inside each shoe before placing them for 3 to 4 hours in the freezer. . The freezing water will exert pressure on the walls of the shoes and thus enlarge them.
  • Invest in a shoe tree, this rather handy tool made of solid wood is used by shoemakers to widen shoes.
  • If you
  • Sometimes leather shoes just need a little massage to make them softer, so you can buy a special fabric softener or use castor oil.

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