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Illuminate Large Areas With The Best Outdoor-Specific Temporary Lighting Solutions

by Nathan Zachary

If you are facing a problem managing your construction site or warehouse using old and outdated lighting systems that don’t provide the kind of illumination you are looking for, it’s time to change them. Temporary lighting systems designed for open spaces such as warehouses, shipyards, tunnels, and construction sites can dramatically change the lighting conveniences of your place. The old and outdated lighting systems are infamous for providing inadequate lighting and substantially jacking up your electric bill. 

Streamer Lights For Use In Different Locations

Modern temporary lighting systems are designed specifically for use at construction sites. They help overcome the usual obstacles by illuminating large areas. They are a reliable resource and can help you and your workers achieve optimal work output. Your site staff will be happy that they can work in a safe and well-lit environment. These streamer lights can be used in warehouses, factories, ship ports, workshops, or other location that requires adequate lighting.

Temporary lighting can be the best solution for use in such locations. These fixtures are durable and waterproof. They are also ideal for use in areas with ignitable and combustible elements. They can be easily installed anywhere on your site, dismantled effortlessly, and moved to multiple locations without having to use specialized tools and tackles.

Easy To Install and Operate

The most significant advantage of using construction string lights is that they are easy to install and operate. Unlike other lighting systems and fixtures, they can instantly illuminate large areas, operate soundlessly, and do not need major maintenance.

Temporary lights are designed to be surface mounted on adjustable brackets and can provide light vertically downwards or across large patches of area. They are highly flexible and can serve all your lighting needs without having to make adjustments constantly. This allows you the freedom to direct the light where you need them in your facility to ensure smooth management of work processes and for the safety of workers.

These linear lighting fixtures emit light uniformly, distributing it to the targeted areas and beyond to illuminate entire spaces and boost reliability and safety. 

Built Sturdily For Solid Performance

The advanced temporary lighting products are molded to heavy-duty cables in solid rubber. They are designed for high output illumination over very long distances. The lamp sockets on the string lights are soldered to deliver optimal lamp wattage without changing the main cable. Apart from these, a crush-proof steel ring is provided around the socket to prevent damage. Specially designed LED lamps that can operate from 120 to 277 volts are used in the string lights to deliver results beyond expectations.

LED lights are not only energy savers but also offer eco-friendly solutions. They need significantly less maintenance and can reduce energy costs as they operate without the energy-guzzling mercury. 

Duraline is the preferred choice of organizations looking for the best quality temporary lighting systems that can serve their lighting needs efficiently and affordably. Duraline enjoys a credible reputation for providing the best commercial and industrial-grade temporary lighting solutions with its wide range of heavy-duty construction string lights. The made-in-the-USA lighting systems are durable and will fit within all budgets

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