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Harry Kane – Should Kane Have Been Awarded A Penalty?

by Nathan Zachary
Harry Kane

There has been some controversy over Harry Kane’s second penalty miss against France. Fans and pundits have been split over whether the striker should have been awarded a penalty, and whether the referee was right to rule against him. The video assistant referee (VAR) had a look at the incident, and decided there was no foul. But there were still calls for the referee to award a penalty.

England fans were irate after the penalty was not awarded. The game was 2-1 to Les Bleus, and England were desperate to get an equaliser. However, they failed to score and were outplayed by the hosts. They have now lost their place in the quarter-finals, and face Morocco in the semi-finals.

After the game, many English football pundits were critical of the performance of the referee. Specsavers also criticized the decision. Former referee-turned pundit Peter Walton thought there was a good case for a penalty. He thought it was a similar attacking phase as when the ball was won.

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The incident happened around 10 minutes after France’s controversial goal. Dayot Upamecano closed down Kane from behind, and tangled with him. The French captain appeared to knock the striker’s leg. Raphael Varane tried to block the view of the incident, and a defender stepped in to stop Kane from getting to the ball.

As a result, the referee decided that the foul occurred outside the box. This was the same decision that was made against Japan in the last round of matches.

It was unclear what the video referee looked at, but it seems that there were a lot of angles. It appears that there was a foul, but not on the player who blocked Kane from playing the ball. And the camera was square to the penalty area line, which gives the best evidence. That isn’t necessarily a guarantee that a foul occurred, but it is the most probable.

The referee then waved play on. However, England felt that he should have awarded a penalty, and the VAR was then contacted. Initially, Sampaio said that the foul did not occur inside the box, and that he would check the pitch-side monitor.

When the replays were shown, there was a clear foul. However, there was some confusion about whether the foul was actually on the foot of Kane or outside the box. One angle showed the foul took place on the foot of the striker, while another showed it took place on the calf.

Many fans believe that the referee was wrong to rule against Kane. They feel that the referee should have awarded a penalty for both incidents.

The referee’s decision not to award a penalty was a hard call for the England players. Pickford was in the position to win the ball back, and he was trying to get to the ball, but was not able to.

In the end, England did not win their World Cup quarter-final, and were eliminated from the competition. However, Harry Kane will have a chance to make up for his missed penalty against France.

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