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Industrial Applications with Din Rail SMPS Power Solutions

by Nathan Zachary
Din Rail SMPS

Industrial environments are often harsh and require high-quality power. They need to be able to handle extreme temperatures, vibrations, or other environmental factors that could damage a traditional power supply. Din Rail SMPS can withstand these conditions while providing consistent, reliable power. Here are some of the applications you might find in an industrial environment:

LED Lighting

LED lighting is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, for example, LED light sources conserve up to 90% of the electricity used in fluorescent lighting. Similarly, LED lights last more than twice as long as incandescent bulbs and produce significantly less heat while providing a similar amount of brightness. This makes LEDs ideal for industrial applications where durability and safety are paramount concerns.

LEDs also have greater environmental benefits than traditional lighting systems because they do not contain mercury or other toxic substances that can pollute air and water supplies when disposed of improperly (or even with proper disposal). As such, it’s possible to reuse these fixtures or recycle them if you decide that they no longer meet your needs.

Heavy-duty Power

If your equipment runs with a high load and needs to be powered for long periods of time, then a Din rail power supply is the right choice for you. These high-performance supplies are designed to run continuously at the maximum load specified by the manufacturer. These types of power supply units are also typically used in equipment requiring heavy duty cooling fans or motors.

Temperature Control

If you are using a SMPS power supply for temperature control, you can use the following components:

  • Temperature sensors (RTDs and thermistors)
  • Temperature transmitters (NTC, PTC, RTD)

For industrial applications that require continuous temperature monitoring and control over several zones, we recommend using Din rail mounted communication modules.

Din Rail SMPS


Din rail SMPS power supply units are used in automotive applications to power the control circuit of an electric motor, or a DC-AC converter. The vehicle’s alternator is used to charge the battery which powers the unit. This setup has several advantages over other types of transmissions. 

Most notably, it allows for greater flexibility when it comes to driving speed and load requirements because you can use multiple batteries and/or increase their capacity by adding parallel or series connections while keeping a constant voltage (12V). 

It also makes repairs easier because you have access from one side only; if something goes wrong with one part of your system (for example), then only that part needs repairing instead of requiring complete replacement like with other types of transmissions like AC induction systems where all parts must be replaced at once due to safety reasons.

Industrial Environments

  • DIN Rail SMPS Power Solutions are used in industrial environments.
  • DIN Rail SMPS Power Solutions are used in rail transportation.
  • DIN Rail SMPS Power Solutions are used in heavy-duty power applications, like those found in shipyards and oil refineries, as well as construction sites where they can be mounted directly to the metal surfaces of equipment.


The industrial applications of Din Rail SMPS Power Solutions are endless. These power systems are reliable, durable and can be used in a variety of configurations that meet the needs of any industry. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings and will not require any special installation tools or knowledge.

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