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Installation of window AC in a home in summers: Easy Steps

by Nathan Zachary
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Window air conditioning is a great way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, before you can enjoy your new AC, you must ensure everything is in place to install it. This guide will walk you through the steps of getting your window AC ready to go, from finding the right spot in your home to choosing the right supplies. Hiring an air conditioning service is another reasonable option for a healthy procedure. 

Installing it yourself can be tough and you can’t compare it with the work done by a professional electrician Perth as they ensure an efficient and safe process.

Few things before we begin

Before jumping into the procedure, there are many things that need to be covered. The first step is obviously choosing the right product for yourself. Its design should be according to the window where it needs to be installed. Let’s discover what to do next sequence wise;

Choose the Window

Make sure your chosen window isn’t damaged and has a smooth frame. As the whole system needs to fit in it, not even compromise on a single crack. If there’s anything that needs to be fixed, get it done immediately.

The size of your window’s frame

Inspect carefully if your bought window AC can be inserted into the window frame. Measure the width and height wisely before buying the product. 


Brackets mostly come along with the Air conditioner but can be bought separately if you don’t have one. It handles the weight more efficiently.

Socket with which you’re going to plug your AC

You are suggested to install a three-pronged socket as it’s safer. It will provide energy more efficiently than others. In case you need someone for assistance, you can contact HQ Electrical & Air

Some Basics tips for fine and fast work 

  • Keep a screwdriver and the inch tape in an easily accessible place. 
  • Ensure there’s anyone along you for basic tasks and assistance 
  • Keep the essentials organized for better reach.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

Groom the Space

Cleaning should be done in the first step if you don’t want it to look bad. The cleaning procedure becomes back-breaking after the installment of the AC system. It will also help you with the process and protect your system from dirt and debris.  

Take the initial step and protect the window from closing 

A sashing window can be annoying and distracting. Locking it with a screw and or a piece of wood can aid in this case. It will let you position your system without any extra effort. 

For making your job easier and more instant, use a pencil and mark the center of the Window’s ledge. Precise measurements will help in placing your window Air conditioner in the right place without any complexity.

Weather strips will make it easier 

Weather strips can be purchased separately in case you haven’t gotten them along with your product. However, usually, manufacturers give them. There is no such “must include” policy when it comes to weather strips. It’s up to you whether to include them or not. 

Rain and extremely hot weather can be harmful to your AC’s health. Weather strips protect them from moisture, rain or hot spells and any future damage to the window or to the system.

Tie up Brackets and Side Panels 

Side Panels let you cover the leftover space between the window’s frame and AC. Secure side panels by using suitable screws provided along them. Make sure to position them in the right region according to your system’s model.  

Providing Additional Support is always a good option to avoid future repairs. However, using brackets is optional.  Must install them if you think that your window’s frame is not strong enough to handle the weight. They are fastened outside of the window. 

Set up the Air Conditioner 

Remember the pencil mark you made in the initial step to point to the centre of the window? It’s time to use it. There must be a lock at the bottom or top to align your Air Conditioner to the window frame. Its structure depends on your chosen model. Use that mounting rail or interlock for inserting it into the window properly. 

Once the required position is achieved, remove the wooden stick or screw you inserted previously. Cover your window with the sash and secure it by using L-shaped clips. 

After completing the insertion into the window properly, use side panels to cover the extra space there. It will not allow any moisture, or hot or cold wind to damage the system. For stability use a clip or screw for their placement. 

Don’t forget the Gaps 

Side panels will cover up efficiently but still, there’s a need for insulation. This point becomes essential if your window is a place that receives plenty of UV rays when the sun is shining. 

Size your foam seals accordingly and adjust them between the system and the window’s ledge. They can be bought easily from other retailers if not provided along with your Air Conditioner. 

Plug-in Air Conditioner 

Finally, you wrapped up the tough part of the installment. Let’s plug in the switch to provide it with the current to run. What’s left? Well now just lay on your cozy bed and enjoy the chill!

End of the Day

The above-guided steps ensure a trouble-free installation process. However, playing with electricity can be risky. It’s better to consult a professional to get out of this hassle. The Air conditioning service Perth provided by HQ  Electrical & Air is affordable and a better option for your system’s longevity.

If you find these steps difficult to perform and looking for an electrician Perth, then you can find really right-minded at HQ Electrical & Air. 

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