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Know Everything about Piso WiFi Pause Time, Logout

by Nathan Zachary piso wifi pause

The piso wifi pause is a private IPv4 address that belongs to the subnet (IPv4 address space – which spans a block of 256

contiguous class A subnets with 256 IP addresses each

This makes it easy for devices on this network to communicate with each other without

concern for their physical location in relation to one another, or for their connection

speeds or number of hops between them, as long as they share an Internet connection

and can route packets through routers that are part of this network.[2][3]

The piso wifi pause is one of many private IP address within the bigger block of

private IP addresses which are listed as follows: Piso wifi Pause

  • 2.2.2 piso wifi pause
  • 4.4.4 piso wifi pause
  • 10.1.1 piso wifi pause piso wifi pause

  • piso wifi pause
  • piso wifi pause
  • piso wifi pause piso wifi pause

  • 4.4.4 piso wifi pause
  • 4.4.4 piso wifi pause for sale
  • 4.4.4 piso wifi pause price

Piso WiFi is a free wireless internet service provided by the government through the

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the National Telecommunications

Commission (NTC). It aims to provide an affordable Internet connection to every

household in the Philippines.

The service can be accessed by any device with a built-in Wi-Fi capability. This includes

laptops, smartphones and tablets. To connect, simply open your browser and type or piso-wifi.ph into the address bar. You will be asked to log in using your

mobile number or other personal details before you can get started on browsing the

web for free!


About Piso wifi Portal Pulse Login is the default IP address of Piso WiFi Portal Pulse Login. You can use this 

address to login to the portal and change your settings, add or remove users, check you 

balance and much more.

To login to, you need to enter the username and password of your account.

Your username is the email address that you used when creating your account on Piso

WiFi Portal Pulse while the password is something that you set up when creating an

account (this is not your Android device’s screen lock).


With all this information, you will be able to manage your piso wifi account easily. If you need any help regarding anything related to this post, feel free to contact us via the comment section below or at our official telegram channel. Also, you need to visit their Webinkeys website.

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