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Leather Jackets for Men: The Ultimate Guide To Buying Leather Motorcycle Jackets

by Nathan Zachary
The Ultimate Guide To Buying Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather motorcycle jackets have been a staple look for riders in Australia since way back when and are still a popular choice nowadays. Construction techniques and technology have come a long way in recent years leading buyers to be marred for choice. With so many options available in the market, it is necessary to make sure you are selecting a jacket that lives up to the safety measures and quality you expect.

In an effort to help you with purchasing leather jackets for motorbikes, we have created this buying guide which will cover.

  • Styles of leather jackets
  • Main features of quality leather jackets
  • Taking care of your jacket

Styles of our leather motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets differ in their style depending on the kind of riding they are designed for. That is why it is important to understand your riding conditions and riding style when purchasing our motorcycle jackets.

Features of our quality leather motorcycle jackets

Not all leather jackets are equally good in quality and the level of protection that they offer to the rider. So to help you differentiate fashion accessories from protective clothing, we have come up with features that all our motorcycle jackets have.


If it does come up with armor, your motorcycle jacket should at least have pockets for shoulder, elbow, and chest armor.


Leather can be treated to make it resistant to water, however, it is not a totally waterproof material. Often they will have a waterproof pocket to carry some items. A removable thermal lining will also keep you warmer in winter and can be removed for warmer days. A good quality motorbike jacket will have a moisture-absorbing mesh liner to help you keep cool and draw sweat away from your body.


Being visible on the road is necessary for rider safety because sometimes other road users can become arrogant. You can address this by picking a leather jacket that has bright colors or reflective strips to stand out.

Durable designing

Your leather motorcycle jacket is the only thing between your upper body and the road, and in case of an accident, you want safety gear to do well. Leather has got abrasion resistance quality, jackets are mostly cowhide leather which is long-lasting and durable.

It is also important to check the durability and quality of zips and stitching. The fewer seams in a jacket the better as they can catch or tear.


Remember, each brand has its own size guide. Leather jackets for women have different sizing. As the right sizing is essential to any motorcycle gear doing well we suggest that women select a jacket designed specifically for women.  Many jackets made for women will also have synthetic stretch panels to help with keeping the jacket from fitting.

We have got leather jackets for women that will perfectly fit according to the size of the lady. Our jackets are designed according to international standards of size. So, it does not matter what your size is, just tell us your requirements or visit our website to explore beautiful and durable jackets that last for a long time.


Last but not least. It is probably the most important factor when buying a jacket alongside the quality of the jacket. Our motorcycle jackets can range in different price tags according to the fabric and work being done on them. Our jackets are an investment in your own safety and the ideal jacket will last a long time if you take great care of it.

Leather is a durable material

when looked after properly it can last for a long time. Here is how can you keep your leather jacket in great shape for a long period.

  • Keep your leather jackets dry and if gets wet, wipe them and allow them fully dry before placing them in a place
  • Don’t fold it and hang it on a hanger
  • Don’t leave it in the sun for a long time because it can lead to discoloration

Buy your motorcycle jackets from us

It does not matter what you ride, we have got leather motorcycle jackets for you according to your requirements, waiting to make you feel quickly cooler and keep you safe and secure in style. If you are looking for the best leather jackets, our team is always here to help you find a jacket that increases your own style while giving a high level of protection.

Scroll our website to find a large range of jackets. From women’s waterproof jacket gallop pink, waterproof jacket Bella. Cotton waxed jacket Avista, textile waterproof touring jacket companion, waterproof jacket Evolve, textile jacket wander origin, riding jacket dominator, waterproof touring jacket expeditor, waterproof Motorcycle jacket gaze, and much more. we have got everything that you need to ride in Australia. Buy these beautiful jackets and love your ride.

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