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Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself Of Locked Car

by Nathan Zachary
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One of the most important items you own is a set of car keys, but you tend to lose them. At the end of the day, you are eager to go home and reach your car. There you realize that you don’t have locked the keys inside the car. Modern vehicles may come equipped with touchpads, fancy key fobs, and far-off unlock sensors that virtually ensure you won’t lock yourself out. But what about the millions of unfortunate individuals who still need to manually lock and unlock their vehicles? It’s important to prepare yourself so that you can assess the situation and respond to it intelligently. If it gets locked you may find the car unlocking calgary services rather than panic or force yourself to go.

Usually, people have spare keys with them, so that in case of any emergency they can still get inside their automobile. If you have locked your keys and don’t have any spare keys, then it’s safe to call an emergency towing company Calgary. Continue reading to learn original solutions.

Using A String To Open A Car Door

You can use a long, strong string or a shoelace to open the doors of your car. This technique to lockouts is not typical, even if it does work on a few cars. However, if your door lock is the conventional put-up-sort of lock with a tiny knob on top, using a string could make your door floppy. Just tie a small loop on the shoelace, push it through the door with caution, wrap it around the lock, and draw it up. You can now get in your own car.

Obtain A Backup Key

Your car dealership most likely provided you with some car keys when you purchased a brand-new vehicle. If this seems similar, even if you are at home, you might want to start looking for that spare first.

Inspect The Trunk

There might be a way to get inside the car via the trunk. If your car is a hatchback, the interior and exterior of the trunk are identical. And occasionally there is a get-in element from the trunk to the back seat, even though that is not the case. This typically takes the shape of a panel that opens between the back seat and the trunk when the car is being driven.

Using A Rod or Hanger

This method is straightforward and practical, but it really does work well with horizontal locks. If your lock is horizontal, untwist the coat hanger cord to form a hook, then push it into the door. To free your car, wrap the hook around the lock and pull.

An Inflatable Bag With Automobile Keys

Anyone who likes their car’s appearance and does not want to risk damaging it with a screwdriver should use this method. You must use this inflated bag, which has the same specifications as the screwdriver bag. Place the bag in the doorway, inflate it to create a hole, and then pry open the door with a rod to release the car. The specific quality of this bag is that it either won’t damage the car’s frame or, if it does, won’t cause too much damage.

Call a Towing Company

If you’ve done everything and still can’t get your doors to open, call for assistance. If you want hassle-free assistance, get in touch with car unlocking Calgary at any time. Another option is to call a towing firm, which provides specialized lockout tool sets created specifically for this scenario. Contact your dependable towing company to get your vehicle back on the road. Car unlocking services are offered by towing firms so they can return to your place and release your car.

You can quickly escape this difficult situation if you have the phone number of a towing company, professional locksmith, or towing company at your disposal. Additionally, it’s a great idea to keep the number of a tow truck company handy in case your car needs assistance beyond lockout services.


By carefully implementing the preceding advice, you will eventually be able to unlock your doors. Always keep a spare key on hand. Check your car keys before you leave – If you make it a habit to look for your keys before you leave, you’ll find it more difficult to deal with car lockouts quickly.

Furthermore, maintain your composure and patience as you wait for a skilled expert to solve your problem. Your best option is to ask the towing company for assistance so you can get back to traveling.

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