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Locations for Business Meetings & Events That Allow Food Trucks

by Nathan Zachary

Food trailers are extremely popular for meetings. The food, convenience, and menu options are all incredibly popular. How can a corporate meeting planner avoid the boring catered lunch and serve a fresh, interesting menu for meetings? Have a food truck cater your next business meeting—or two or three, depending on attendance.

When food trucks handle the catering, it gives the stale, traditional plated chicken lunch a fresh spin. We recently went to a networking event where half the table had vegetarian food delivered to them. They couldn’t eat another plated chicken lunch, not because they were vegetarians in fact.

But which locations will host your upcoming gathering and let you bring your own catering? Here are some things to think about when choosing a venue for your next meeting.

Social Event Locations

What locations are truly quiet on a Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for meetings? A location where weddings are held on Saturday nights can be ideal for business meetings as they have the room, and necessary technology, and are likely available. You might be able to reach a favorable agreement as well. Numerous social gathering places allow outside caterers and would likely be very happy to see weekday business.

Looking for a list of public spaces that accept outside caterers? Then, visit the Here Comes the Guide website’s BYO Catering section for your region. An extensive list of locations that have roomy interiors and allow outside caterers is available here.

Museums and Cultural Centers

Corporate meetings and events could be held in museums, theaters, or cultural institutions. Many facilities have sizable spaces that might be perfect for your upcoming meeting. These locations are great for midweek corporate business because the majority of them are busier in the evenings and on weekends. Additionally, they would welcome outside caterers because the majority do not have sizable catering kitchens. Due to their high visitor counts, these locations probably have access to sizable parking lots that could accommodate numerous food trucks.

Alternate Event Location

Atlanta, the city where I was born, has many craft beer breweries. They are springing up everywhere and provide fantastic space, exceptional staff, and a welcoming atmosphere—all the makings of an effective corporate meeting or event. You can now move on. Just add a few food trucks.

Our friends at Spirited Event Group, who match venues with clients, help us make your meeting or event memorable. They’ll reserve the best location and time for your team meeting, fundraiser, holiday party, or corporate event. They also offer venue consultation and introductions to top event professionals.

The Office

Although it’s not novel or innovative, holding a meeting in your office will help your business save a lot of money. Saving a little money will also help you stand out as a value-based planner, especially with the possibility of a recession on the horizon. Hosting it on-site obviously depends on whether you have enough room for everyone, but if you do, it’s the best choice.

To avoid losing workers who return to their desks and get bogged down in work, one of the reasons businesses want to work offsite. Who are we kidding, though? Nowadays, almost everyone uses a laptop, so the straightforward fix is for everyone to leave their laptops at home!

Where should those food trucks be parked? If your front entrance has a sizable area outside it, don’t look anywhere else but the parking lot. You can rent tables and chairs in your lobby or near the food trucks for participants to pick up their meals and return to the meeting space.

Corporate events and meetings have experienced a significant resurgence. Planners, however, need assistance in locating availability and some inventive menus that will astound their guests. These locations offer a distinctive experience and let you work with innovative caterers who will have your guests praising you for not serving them plated chicken. Again!

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