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Lost Ark’s September 7 Patch Details

by Nathan Zachary

QoL, new settings, balance changes, and more

The update brings new quality-of-life updates and prepares things for the upcoming server merge. Read on to see how it will or will not affect Lost Ark gold farming.

Lost Ark New Settings

Players can now customize the HUD to a greater degree. There are new options to change HUD size, Buff Icon Size, and the number of Buff Icons shown. They can even ‘favorite’ a configuration to get back to it without hassle. There is a widget under the minimap where they can access these favorites. Lastly, Combat-Related settings get a specific tab for options and are organized more straightforwardly.

Content Status UI

Keeping track of your work is easier with the updated Content Status UI. Aside from the updated clarity, it also has new settings, a full-screen option, indications if gold can be obtained, and shows those that don’t provide gold.

Lost Ark Social and Community Systems

Global Chat gets new functionalities, such as:

  • Players can now write announcements in it
  • A search option for past messages
  • A button that makes messages send through mouse-click instead of pressing enter

Chat category filters have been optimized. ‘Combat’ and ‘Content’ filters have been added, while ‘Error’ and ‘Warning’ merged into ‘Caution (warning).’ Similarly, ‘Loot,’ ‘Experience,’ and ‘Currency’ messages will appear in one filter: ‘Obtained (Consume).’

Added friends and blocked players will apply ‘roster-wide’ instead of ‘character only.’ That means your friend list will stay consistent even when you change characters. You can also block other players with the new commands /block or /ban followed by the player name. An option to set your status in the Friends menu to Connected, AFK or Offline is now available. Finally, you can add friends in the same region but on different servers.

Proving Grounds Improvements

Waiting times have been reduced so players can jump into the action faster. Starting a match should have a shorter timer, and the time to pick a position is now 10 seconds long. It’s possible to skip cinematics now, and a spectator camera is available in Team Deathmatches.

Control the latter with WASD, Q and E to zoom, and control speed with Z and C. Change perspectives with the number pad’s 1-9 keys.


There are new filters on the Recommend Stronghold tab. A Stronghold Activity Notebook replaces the old weekly Stronghold Quests and contains all the weekly tasks you can do.

There are now different item categories in the Jelly Cookie shop for the Pet Ranch. The Pet Ranch Vendor also has new things in stock. The weekly cap for ‘Legendary – Uncommon Card Packs’ has been increased to 6. Also, Soul Leaf’s weekly cap has been doubled (from 7 to 14).

A Lord chat channel is available when you’re in your Stronghold. Access it through the tab on the left side or the commands /lord or /t.

Stronghold Acceleration Chips have become a single category of Stronghold Activity Acceleration Chips. These can be used on Dispatch, Lab, or Workshop wait times. Any chips in storage or mailbox may be disassembled to get the new kind.

Players can now like each other’s Strongholds, and there are new achievements based on accumulated likes. Quest guide icons in the area are colored orange to differentiate them from other quest guides. You can visit your friends and guild mates’ Strongholds anytime and go to other players’ through the Global Chat. Also, an option to invite others when you’re in yours is available.

Stronghold Badges may be displayed in your profile after completing specific achievements. It is now possible to earn badges by completing activities around the Stronghold. You can also place props as a set instead of manually placing each one. If one or more items are missing from the collection, you can buy them directly from the menu.

Trixion Updates

The following can be changed in the Trixion Training Center:

  • Combat Stats
  • Skills
  • Tripods
  • Skill Runes
  • Gems
  • Engravings
  • Cards

The maximum Combat Stat points have been increased to 2600 with a cap of 1850 points per stat.

Material Storage

A new ‘Content’ tab has been added. It will contain Event Tokens/Materials, Exchange Materials, and Skin Materials. Three items have been moved to the Stronghold Storage tab: Vernil, Caldarr, and Oreha Woodworking Boxes.

Lost Ark Guild Updates

A guild group chat system has been added. Guilds can have up to 5 active ones, and leaders can open up new ones using 3000 Bloodstones. New filters on the Weekly Guild Tasks menu make finding specific ones easier. Unfortunately, the ability to refresh Weekly tasks has been removed, but you can see all the available ones for the week.

Only guild members with the proper permissions will see related alerts for Guild Skills and Research. Guild Skill levels can be changed anytime, and they have been rebalanced. Swapping Lost Ark gears and skills outside the Battle Workshop in Raid Matches and Sieges is possible.

Medeia, Slime Island, and Death’s Hold Island bases will no longer have Lost Ark gear set effects, and their Damage and Defense stats are changed.

Lost Ark General Improvements

Increased Controller support with the following:

  • Set pointer speed
  • Toggle the display of the point control guide
  • You can use the LS/RS button to choose a location to use a skill (depending on its effects)
  • Using triggers (LT, RT), you can auto-target an enemy within 16m of your character
  • LB and RB lets you auto-target allies within 16m
  • X to use the skill, and Y to cancel it

Cooking also gets a few improvements, mainly concerning the drop rate or spawning locations of specific ingredients. Card Pack icons are optimized to show the rarity of card packs you can receive when opening them. Individual ones are changed to reflect this too. Finally, there are 2 new hair types for all classes.

Lost Ark Balance Changes

The requirement to Force Activate Super Armor in PvP has been relaxed, requiring a hit or more after 3s of damage. Each class also gets some changes. Some had their debuffs’ durations reduced, and cooldowns increased. Others got buffs, such as increasing Stagger time or being immune to damage while casting.

Check these changes out on the Lost Ark official site!

Lastly, there are always a ton of bug fixes and the discovery of new ones to fix.

Have fun farming all kinds of Lost Ark gold, and enjoy these new additions to the game!

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