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Perks of Being A Member in OSRS

by Nathan Zachary

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Being a member of OSRS has a lot of perks that can make it a good payoff for you.

Old School RuneScape is a free game you can play through Steam or one of the third-party safelisted clients currently available. You can freely download the app on your Android or iOS device if you enjoy the mobile experience. Even though you can play the game free of charge, you can also choose to become a member. You can do so either by buying a membership from Jagex or getting a bond for the in-game currency, OSRS gold, from other players who have paid cash for them because of their in-game value. Currently, a bond is worth over six million OSRS gold.

OSRS Membership Perks Summary

Regardless of how you choose to obtain your membership, there are loads of benefits to becoming a member. If you’re a F2P player, you have probably stumbled across the message that you should become a member to perform a particular action more than once. The perks vary wildly, from getting additional slots on the GE to accessing a wider variety of places and more monsters to kill.

  1. Bossing

OSRS’ F2P content is a good preview of the game, except when it comes to bossing, where you’ll only be able to kill two sporadic bosses as a F2P player and over two dozen bosses as a member. Bossing is one of the best mid to high-level activities that will enable you to acquire wealth and progress your account. Many bosses you will encounter endgame are considered great money-making techniques, and once mastered, they will give you enough OSRS GP to cover your bonds in just a matter of hours. You’ll need to invest a lot of hours to reach the point where you can kill Vorkath or Nex for cash. Still, once there, you will be able to sustain your membership through OSRS gold.

  1. Questing

Questing is excellent on F2P, but if you become a member, you’ll be able to get a lot of quality of life upgrades through questing. Sadly, you won’t be able to use much of what you get as a member from questing in F2P.

  1. Skilling

Similarly to how you’ll get the best money-making techniques as a member, you will also get the best skilling methods only as a member. A few examples are Wintertodt for Firemaking, dragon bones and gilded altar for Prayer, the nightmare zone for a very relaxed and combat training experience, teak for woodcutting, barbarian fishing for fishing, and wine for cooking.

Besides this, you will be able to train skills with passive abilities, such as Agility, which will help you naturally restore your run energy faster, even when you’re f2p. A massive perk of being a member is accessing one of the slowest but most rewarding skills in OSRS: Slayer.

  1. Locations and Teleports

You might think that the world of Gielinor on F2P is enormous, but there’s so much more to explore as a member. For example, after a series of quests, you’ll be able to access the lost city of the elves, Prifddinas, where you’ll be able to do a whole new host of exciting activities. These include having access to game shops, getting crystal shards and weapons, fighting a non-combat boss (Zolcano), and slaying monsters in the Iowerth Dungeon.

Another example of a fascinating location you will be able to unlock as a member is Fossil Island. This is the only place in OSRS where you can build birdhouse traps to level your hunter skill, plant hardwood trees, play a minigame in the volcanic mine, or hunt Herbi—a mysterious creature that leaves tracks that you need to follow to find it.

With such a vast map to explore further, you’ll undoubtedly love all the teleports you’ll be able to use, such as the Grand Exchange teleport on the standard spellbook with the medium Varrock diary completed. You’ll be able to teleport close enough to any point of interest, including places available to f2p. You’ll also be able to unlock a more accessible bank in Lumbridge with the RFD quest.

  1. Gear Progression:

If all the other reasons have not convinced you to get a membership, then this is where the line between paying members and F2P is drawn firmly and boldly: so many more items are available to members!

Let’s just focus on the Dragonbane weapons to exemplify their usefulness. You’ll be able to get a Dragon Hunter Lance or a Dragon Hunter Crossbow that will give you increased power against vulnerable creatures. These include chromatic/metal dragons, drakes, wyrms, wyverns, and dragon bosses such as King Black Dragon or Vorkath. This is huge because it will drastically speed up your kills and increase your KC per hour.

Even though they are expensive weapons that cost tens of millions of OSRS GP, they are worth getting and using. You’ll also have more sources with increased drop rates for the F2P items, so that’s another way in which you’ll be able to make so much more OSRS gold than as a F2P. Overall, if you’re a pure beginner or just don’t play the game at least a few hours a week, it might not be a good idea to become a member, but otherwise, it is worth it

Using Your RS3 Account to Transfer Membership to An OSRS Account

You can buy a membership for your RuneScape 3 account or use bonds to unlock membership in RS3. It will also get transferred to your OSRS account, provided that you have both an RS3 and OSRS account with the same email address. Additionally, you can take advantage of promotions via Twitch prime or Amazon prime and claim an RS3 reward, including seven days of membership if you connect your RS3/OSRS account to your Twitch account. This is good if you don’t want to spend your OSRS gold on a bond or cash just to try it out, as spending your OSRS gold can be detrimental to your character progression.

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