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Mini-ITX – What is it?

by Nathan Zachary

Mini itx motherboards enjoy a very prominent importance, being relevant to know their full definition, as well as examples to take into account from Intel and AMD. There are many computer specialists and their components who work with them on a daily basis and have become key factors in computers. They began as a VIA creation, but being open in nature, other manufacturers have worked with this technology over time.

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The Mini-ITX is a motherboard format that offers reduced dimensions, specifically 170 x 170 mm . It is about smaller dimensions than micro-ATX . Despite its small size, we are not facing the smallest format on the market, as we can also find the nano-ITX and Pico-ITX modalities. We leave you with an image so you can check the difference between the different formats:


The format was created, developed and introduced to the market, thanks to the company VIA Technologies, in 2001. At  Ibertrónica , we were pioneers in distributing the Mini-ITX format in Spain , and due to our experience, we are specialists in all components and solutions that can be integrated into it.

The Mini-ITX is a very common format in the market due to its practical functions. It is used for all types of equipment, such as computers integrated in vehicles or in server equipment. In this sense, it can be adapted to all types of projects and to any team in which it may be necessary. It is also widely used in computers dedicated to home entertainment , since they are a good option due to their low power consumption architecture, and their small size.

In the market, we find a wide variety of products that have the Mini-ITX format, such as boxes, power supplies, cooling systems or graphics cards . All of these products are small in size, and what many users are unaware of is that they offer the same performance and features as those of a standard format.

Mini-ITX format motherboards

As we have seen, the nomenclature of the ATX and ITX formats is applied to the rest of the components of a computer, starting with the motherboard. Currently on the market we find a large number of motherboard models , but they all have something in common: their small size of 170 x 170 mm.

Another advantage of these boards is that all their electronic components are compatible with the ATX format. This means that we can connect any type of component compatible with any type of PC.

Taking into account the technological components that we have on the market today, and only with these specifications, we could assemble a powerful computer without any problem with this reduced format.

Boxes with Mini-ITX format

To protect our Mini-ITX motherboard and all its components, we find a wide range of computer cases or chassis in this format on the market. Many of them are designed for proper cooling of the components.

The variety of boxes available in Mini-ITX format is very wide, and at Ibertrónica you can find a large number of units and models. As we have mentioned, the objective of this format is to facilitate the user, the fact of being able to locate the computer in all kinds of places. Thanks to the Mini-ITX, we can integrate it inside the car, behind the monitor, on the wall, in a server system, etc.

Valid sources for Mini-ITX

A good computer needs a powerful enough power supply to work. Luckily, we also find a wide variety of sources that can be attached in the Mini-ITX format, and that logically, we can integrate into these small-sized equipment.

The advantages of these power supplies, in addition to their small size, is that they have a wide versatility of uses , as well as voltages. In this way, we can integrate it, for example, in most vehicles that require the use of a small computer with Mini-ITX format, such as a car, a boat, and even trucks and helicopters.

Another advantage of these sources is that they do not produce any type of noise . Due to their small size, they do not need any type of heatsink, so they do not generate any noise.

In addition, many of these sources have an intelligent function , through which we can configure different parameters of their use , such as when we want it to turn on or off.

There are several very interesting solutions in relation to valid power supplies for Mini-ITX equipment at Ibertrónica.es , so we recommend that you take a look.

Valid Cooling Systems for Mini-ITX

We are in favor of refrigerating any equipment very well , whatever its format. Although the Mini-ITX format is very practical, it needs good cooling so that all the components are kept at a suitable temperature for proper operation.

In this sense, there are different types of air cooling that we can attach to our Mini-ITX computer . We emphasize above all that these products maintain the temperature of the equipment in a compact way, and above all very quietly.

In this sense, another advantage of Mini-ITX format computers is the low noise they produce, compared to a conventional computer. We recommend it for all those users who are bothered by the noise of the computer.

In conclusion

As you have seen, the Mini-ITX format is not only one of the most  practical formats  that we can find today in the computer market, but it is also one of the most popular at the user level, and also at the business level . Thanks to its reduced dimensions, we can have a very light computer, but very powerful at the same time.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team so that they can resolve any issues that may arise in relation to Mini-ITX format equipment. We will be happy to help you!

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