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by Nathan Zachary

Mining equipment is the devices or machines used to extract minerals from the earth for commercial use, either for construction materials or for their purposes. Natural ores are mined by extracting copper, gold, and other metals, as well as coal and oil shale.
A mineral is a naturally occurring crystalline solid with definite chemical composition and characteristic properties. Modern mining is heavily mechanized, and a relatively small number of people work at nearby facilities that provide support services, such as transportation or labor. Miners need extensive training, vital equipment, and robust infrastructure. Here, we will look at what mining equipment should be used depending on the project.

1:Vibrating and Conveyors

Vibrating Conveyors are used throughout the Mining and Mineral Processing industries; the size of the vibrating conveyor is based on the material to be conveyed, the material being handled, the amount of material, and the distance to travel, as well as other factors. Higher capacity conveyors are available for bulk mines and processing plants.

Conveyors vary in length from a few hundred feet to 15 miles long. Long-haul conveying systems range from 1 to 30 miles long. A short-haul conveyor will range from a few feet to 20 feet long. Generally speaking, the longer the conveyor, the greater the capacity and working speed.

2:Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating feeders are used to feeding materials into processing equipment. Conveyor belts & chain drives to transfer material are used. In a vibrating feeder, the material is fed by gravity onto a vibrator, which then moves the material along a conveyor belt or chain drive system.

Vibrating feeders are especially useful for providing a large amount of ore into crushing or grinding operations or feeding coal or ballast into crushing equipment. Vibrating Feeders are used in heavy industry and require a heavy-duty motor rated at 1000 to 2000 horsepower. It also requires a container to hold the ore or coal while the feeder runs.

3:Rotary Equipment

Rotary equipment is used in the drilling and mining industries. The rotary pump is one type of equipment, while a multi-way hammer is one of the most common; most rotary pump equipment includes a motor, agitator or stirrer, and a pneumatic or hydraulic pump.

The engine is connected to a shaft that rolls around a vertical shaft that goes down into the ground. The rotation of the shaft drives the motor, which moves rocks or other materials up through the hole. This is called a rotary injection pump.


Shotcrete is a concrete construction material typically sprayed in place but sometimes hand-placed. It is usually applied to walls and columns and builds up high-strength elements such as bent caps/springs and interior tie beams needed for seismic reinforcement.

Shotcrete usually consists of Portland cement mixed with an aggregate (such as sand or gravel), water, chemical admixtures, and other minor additives. The total is usually silica sand and crushed granitic rock.

5:Vibration & Cement Pumps

Vibration & cement pumps are used in the mining & cement industries. They are designed for high-output applications with a low-to-medium duty cycle, such as pumping slurries or lightweight aggregate materials. The cement pump is used to transport a coarse cloth to the top of a slurry pump or another application point, which can then be fed into an application process. 

It is also used to properly mix the materials before feeding them into the application process. The pump is equipped with a flywheel and will handle operation under load or when not connected to the application process.

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