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News Technology It’s that easy to hack the Tesla Model 3… just using bluetooth

by Nathan Zachary

Using bluetooth for hacking Tesla model 3 – From his earliest days, Elon Musk was more than convinced that hackers would not be able to access his Tesla cars, that it was impossible. So much so that the company then offered its vehicles to a series of hackers to try to exploit possible security gaps in its systems for a reward of $890,000. But the truth is that now some researchers have succeeded… and only with the use of bluetooth.

Tesla vulnerability discovered by hackers

And it is that Musk, then, was involved because his vehicles are the safest on the market. The South African billionaire not only wants his Tesla to be the most high-tech vehicles, but also wants them to be the safest. But now, as a result of this security of the Tesla, a group of hackers has tried the maneuver… and they have succeeded.

Without a doubt, it is one of Musk’s main fears: that a car as technologically advanced as the Model 3 (here its technical sheet) could stop being controlled by the driver and come under the control of a malicious hacker who look to do damage with the car. For this reason, last year Pwn2Own was already presented, a contest for ‘white hat’ hackers -who only look for vulnerabilities to improve security-, seeking to improve the results of that time.

However, as NCC Group security researchers have unraveled, they have developed a tool to carry out a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) relay attack that bypasses all existing protections to authenticate to target devices. . However, this vulnerability has to do with one of its most revolutionary functions: the fact that a key is not needed to enter them or to start them.

The fragility is in the ‘no-key’ of the cars

And it is that Tesla users love the manufacturer’s ingenious keyless access system, which consists of a hands-free system that does not require taking out the key to open the car and start them. In addition, the mobile phone can even be used to do this remotely. However, a cybersecurity researcher has shown how the same technology could allow thieves to get away with certain models of electric vehicles.

According to Sultan Qasim Khan, a senior consultant for this security firm, a hacker could unlock the vehicle, start it, and speed off. How? By interfering with communications between the owner’s mobile phone or key fob and the car, intruders can trick the entry system into thinking the owner is physically near the vehicle.

As such, they have shown that the weakness is not one of Tesla’s products or the ingenuity of hackers, but rather the use of the keyless access system that is based on what is known as the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol ( BLE). Thus, the abolition of the conventional key in favor of the mobile in display of modernity and revolution could lead to major problems in cybersecurity.

Modernity and revolution… with security problems

In their test, the members of the NCC Group in this case explained that they were able to carry out this relay attack by tricking the Tesla system into believing that the owner is physically close to the vehicle. This even comes after another security researcher in recent months revealed a way to hijack some functions in Tesla vehicles, such as opening and closing doors and controlling music volume.

As we say, everything is based on the BLE bluetooth protocol, which was designed to conveniently link devices over the Internet, although it has also emerged as a method that hackers exploit to unlock smart technologies, such as locks on houses, cars, phones and laptops.


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