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Newsletter Ideas: Our 5 Suggestions

by Nathan Zachary

Mailings are a means of communication and marketing that have many advantages when mastered. But how do you stand out in the midst of the number of emails we all receive every day? One of the essential points is to find the right ideas for your newsletter! We offer you in this article examples of subjects to captivate your readers, increase your traffic and increase your turnover.

1) Talk about your business

If your customers have subscribed to your newsletter, it is probably because your company, its activity, the products or services it offers, interest them. Therefore: develop this subject with them! This action will give them confidence and make them want to choose you over someone else. You have several options for this.

Share milestones

For example, you can take advantage of the anniversary of the creation of your company to provide feedback on the progress made. In the event of a move, highlight the advantages of your new premises:

  • increase in the customer reception area;
  • creation of a relaxation area for employees, for ever more efficient and friendly customer service;
  • setting up a green space to promote biodiversity in your city…

It is also an ideal opportunity to highlight the opening of an additional structure, which shows that your company is dynamic and in full development.

Promote your content

Each consumer having their own habits, it is possible that some regularly read your emails… but never go for a walk on Instagram, your blog, Pinterest and your other social networks. Thus, your newsletter can benefit your other content by acclaiming it. If you are starting your blog or have recently published an article of which you are particularly proud: share it! Not comfortable with certain types of content? Do you feel that your publications need to be improved before being promoted? Call on our freelance web editors and work together to offer your clients quality web content.

Present the human side of your company

Some customers turn more easily to identified personalities than to a brand. Thus, presenting your collaborators behind the sign is a good idea. By doing so, you will increase the climate of trust with your customers. In addition, presenting your team and all the work they do every day can allow some customers to better understand how the price of your products or services is made up. To humanize your company, you can for example:

  • suggest an interview with a member of the team or a specialist;
  • inform of a change of personnel – with a photo of the leaving party for example, if the tone used in your newsletter allows it;
  • use the classic director’s word;
  • share an internal event, using photos and testimonials from the team.

2) Seek newsletter ideas from customers

Customers are people like the others: they appreciate being interested in them. The goal of any business is to please its customers, isn’t it? Listen to them, in order to know them and understand them: you will find what to put in your ghostwriting services. Here are several ways to help you.

Offer help

If your site offers a “contact” section or your team is often in direct contact with your customers: be attentive to any recurring questions. When you spot one: use it as a newsletter idea! Answer them in detail, using video tutorials, diagrams, photos or any other appropriate, fun and interactive support. By doing so, in addition to answering the question, you will show that you are attentive to your customers’ questions and concerned about being clear and transparent.

Share customer experiences

Regardless of writing your newsletter, it is important to get feedback from your customers. This allows you to detect your areas for improvement, to be proud of what fully satisfies your customers, to know the sectors to be developed… This can also help to build the confidence of prospects or retain skeptical customers. So, jump at the chance to share a positive testimonial or a memorable experience. If this is possible with your products, try to recover before/after photos obtained thanks to them.

3) Give rhythm to your newsletters thanks to events

The different events of the year are a simple but effective source of topic ideas for your mailings.

Promote an event you’re hosting

It may seem logical, but the obvious is sometimes good to remember: the newsletter is one of the ideal channels for promoting an event. There are several reasons for this:

  • The newsletter allows recurrence in the reminder of the upcoming event. This prevents your customers from forgetting when they say “Hey, it would be nice to go there with Roger, I have to talk to him about it.”
  • The newsletter allows you to offer customers who read you subscriptions at a reduced rate, for example. They will be happy with this discount; you will have a first order of magnitude of the number of people present.
  • The newsletter makes it possible to offer a preview video or photos.

Surfing the great moments of the year

They are classics and as such they are essential to treat for a company: Christmas, New Year, summer, Father’s and Mother’s Day, etc. These events are all opportunities during which your customers will seek ideas for their loved ones, to party, to test an original activity… Adapt your newsletters according to your products and services and anticipate their questions!

4) Highlight your products

The last source of newsletter ideas that we offer you is simply your products and services! They are the primary reason your customers come to you, after all.

Inform about products

In addition to the tutorial videos that we have already mentioned, you can also:

  • announce an update and reveal its details;
  • inform your customers about good maintenance practices for your products;
  • reveal tips for finding certain advantages of the services you offer at home (describe how to do a self-massage if you are a beautician, for example).

Present partner products

Bringing added value to its customers is always good to take. Choose products or services related to your offer to you, likely to interest your customers without making you direct competition.

Offer product promotions

We obviously think about it during the sales periods, but other occasions deserve to be seized. For example, we can offer promotions for:

  • trying to energize a quieter time of year;
  • or preparing for the launch of a new product.

The newsletter is then an essential distribution medium, intended for a targeted clientele who knows you.

5) Bonus: newsletter idea, our suggestions… for the format too!

Now that you have found your content idea, you need to take care of your email. Check that you have validated the essential steps, then choose from among our ideas for an eye-catching newsletter.

Highlight the universe of your company

Insert at the top of the email, prominently in the middle, a beautiful and imposing image, accompanied by a short sentence. This duo must look like you and bring your readers into your world in a fraction of a second. Then, after a short scroll, the content of your newsletter will appear.

Apply the packaging of your products

If your products are easily recognizable: use and abuse their packaging. The colors, the logo, but also the shape of the text can be used. Likewise, puns related to your industry will energize your titles. In addition to accentuating the visual of your brand, it will infuse pep into your email.

Adopt the codes of a newspaper

If your company needs to tend towards a serious rather than fun discourse, you can opt for a newspaper style:

  • big titles;
  • categories;
  • offers;
  • articles on 2 columns…

This will bring a bit of originality without undermining your credibility.

Illustrate with your products and your team

To illustrate some newsletter ideas previously presented, the photo will be an effective ally:

  • photos of your team to present the human side of your brand;
  • photos of your products highlighted in a frame that illustrates your universe;
  • photos sent by satisfied customers;
  • images arranged like a shop window to inform about promotions…

Now that you have everything you need to choose the right newsletter idea: it’s up to you! If the ideas flow but the writing puts you off: entrust it to specialists and put together your team in 5 minutes. We will work with you to offer your customers varied, captivating and dynamic newsletters.

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