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The Reasons Why You Should Invest in the Houseplants to Improve Interior Décor Plant Wall Installation

by Nathan Zachary
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Rapid urbanization has taken away greenery from human life, and it has a dire physical and psychological impact on human beings. Most developed urban areas struggle due to the high presence of a pollutant in the air. On the other hand, a lack of greenery leads to stress.

People like to spend time visiting the local parks in search of greenery. Similarly, many people plan vacations with family to spend a few days far from the urban cacophony. However, you can find easier ways of bringing greenery to your life if you invest a little time in home gardening.

You can find many plants suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening. Since many people live in apartments nowadays, indoor gardening is an excellent choice for such people. You can also consider vertical gardening if you have a space crunch. In the following section, the benefits of plant wall installation have been discussed.

1. Many Indoor Plants Purify Air

Many indoor plants act as air purifiers, as they can eliminate a few toxic elements from the air. As a result, your home becomes a safer place to live. Indoor plants also produce oxygen during the daytime, keeping the air healthy. During the night, plants release carbon dioxide, though the amount of carbon dioxide released by indoor plants is minimal.

Many studies suggest that certain indoor plants can remove harmful elements from the air. For example, such plants can remove benzene from the air, and the air turns safer for your lungs. Examples of such indoor plants are snake plants, spider plants, aloe vera, and many more.

2. Soothing Your Eyes and Mind

Greenery brings excellent stress relief to human beings. When you are surrounded by greenery, you will find lesser symptoms of stress, anxiety, etc. Most people have busy schedules nowadays due to their professional commitments. Therefore, stress has become a common part of life for such people.

Having indoor plants at home can heal your stress to a large extent. Watching greenery thrive in your house will fetch you amazing mental peace. Moreover, it also heals stress when you care for the house plants. Devoting time to plant care will help you to ditch the daily routine. Therefore, it eventually brings refreshments to your life.

3. Improve the Home Interior

People make many expenses in improving the home interior, though they often do not obtain satisfactory results. Investing in home interior improvement items is a costly affair too. Therefore, most people look for cheaper alternatives to improve their home interior. Investing in house plants is the best way of making your home beautiful.

You can find different types of houseplants to improve the home interior. Many such plants thrive without a significant amount of sunlight. Some plants can refresh the air in your house while rejuvenating the home interior. Overall, investing in house plants is a cheaper alternative to the costly home interior elements.

4. House Plants Decreases Ambient Temperature

Global warming is a serious concern to the world nowadays, and many places are getting abruptly hotter in the summer. Therefore, the sales of air conditioners have shot up in the last few years. But, it does not help in the long-term to human civilization. Investing in AC devices will lead to a higher contribution to global warming. As a result, the climate will keep getting warmer with the advent of time.

House plant installation is the best solution in such a scenario. You cannot use air conditioners 24 hours a day. Instead of using the AC, you should install house plants to keep the home interior cool and cozy. According to the reports, installing house plants can reduce AC usage by 33% in households.

5. Commercial Place Decoration

Besides improving the home interior, house plants can improve the interiors of commercial places. You can decorate your office using these indoor plants. Offices can further install vertical gardens to improve air quality and the interior.

Besides the offices, you can decorate commercial places using these indoor plants. For example, you can install a vertical garden in your store to attract more buyers. A nice and eco-friendly interior will easily draw the attention of potential customers. As a result, the overall sales of your shop will shoot higher.

6. Improve the Property Value

You can sell a property faster by investing in interior décor. However, people do not want to make high expenses for interior décor for the property that they want to sell. Therefore, they search for cheaper and long-sustainable alternatives to the regular interior décor ideas.

The best way to improve the interior décor of your house is to invest in house plants. Firstly, the house plants bring a refreshing charm to your home interior. With minimal furniture and interior décor elements, your home looks amazing with the indoor plants. As a result, you can sell your property faster. Nevertheless, you will obtain an excellent return on investment in your property sales.

Top Plants That Bring Luck Charm to Your Home

So, these are the benefits of investing in indoor plants for your home or commercial place. However, it is also important to know the types of plants that you can keep in your house. Choosing the right plant is essential to make your home interior charming and refreshing. In the following section, you can find a list of the plants that you can install in your home.

1. Jade Plant

Jade plant is a low-maintenance house plant that can improve the interior of your house. According to ancient Chinese scriptures, jade plants bring good luck charms to your house. The plant brings positivity, happiness, and good health to home dwellers. However, these claims are not backed by any studies or scientific facts.

Jade plant is a superb addition to your house if you want to make the home interior beautiful. The best thing about these plants is that they can thrive anywhere without requiring any maintenance. You can keep them in low light, while you can also keep them under the full sun. However, make sure that you water the plants carefully, as overwatering can damage the plants.

2. Spider Plant

Spider plants are low-maintenance plants, and you can keep them anywhere in your house. The best thing is that you can hang them from anywhere. Alternatively, you can plant them in traditional ceramic and plastic pots. Spider plants can purify the air in your house, and they can thrive with limited care and maintenance.

Another good thing about spider plants is their appearance. The plant looks exceptionally beautiful when you keep it in your home or office. Propagating the plant is also simple, and you can get multiple baby plants from the mother plant.

3. Rubber Plant

A rubber plant is the finest option if you are looking for a house plant to improve the home interior. Nowadays, you can find different varieties of this plant, though green and black leaves are the most popular ones. You can keep the rubber plants anywhere in your home, though direct sunlight or scorching heat is not good for the plant.

The rubber plant is a slow-growing plant, and it does not need regular maintenance. You can keep the rubber plant in any corner of your drawing room or bedroom. The premium leaves of the plant will enhance the interior décor of your home.

4. Pothos

Pothos, also known as money plants in many places, are excellent house plants. Pothos are available in different varieties. For example, in most cases, you can find marble pothos in the local nurseries. On the other hand, golden pothos and neon pothos has become popular nowadays.

Pothos require minimal maintenance, and you do not need to give them direct sunlight. Keeping them in shady places will improve your home interior. Moreover, pothos is inexpensive, and you can propagate them easily through cutting.

5. ZZ Plant

People love keeping succulents in the house, as succulents thrive easily without maintenance. You should water them once in a while, and no other maintenance tasks are required with them. ZZ plant is such a succulent that it requires minimal maintenance. 

You can keep the houseplant anywhere in your room, as it thrives well in small rooms with low-light conditions. The succulents you find in different nurseries are affordable, though the ZZ plant is a little costly. However, it looks brilliant to improve the interior of your house.

Houseplants for the Wedding Venues

Houseplants have become popular interior décor items for different occasions. You can find many hotels and banquets that use houseplants to decorate the interior. Nowadays, people use these plants to decorate wedding venues. Using plants in wedding venue decoration is refreshing, as it brings a beautiful and posh charm. On the other hand, plants have a positive impact on our lives. As a result, installing the plants at wedding venues can bring a good luck charm to your new inning of life. The good thing is that you can find wedding plant rentals to decorate the wedding venues. Finding a good service provider will help you obtain healthy plants for wedding venue décor.

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