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by Nathan Zachary
baby doll with long hair

All children, regardless of gender or ability, benefit from doll play. A youngster is learning skills that will benefit all aspects of their lives for years to come when they play with a doll.

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When a child is playing with a doll, you’ll see them mimicking acts and saying words from their own life. The doll is being used by the youngster as a processing tool for her own life events. He is making sense of his own experience of daily life by acting out tasks like feeding, snuggling, and diapering.

Have you ever walked past your child’s room while they were playing and heard your own phrases and tones come out of your child’s mouth? 

“Jilly, come on, one more bite…,” your child says to her dolly as she pretends to feed her breakfast. 

Or, “Come here, right this minute!” in a strong, parental-like voice.

When children play this way, they are making sense of their own life in a way that they can control.

If you have a new baby sibling in the house, doll play can provide a release-valve for all of the new and intense emotions that the big sibling is experiencing. Doll play offers the sibling a place to test out the sibling relationship within his own control. Doll play allows him to experiment with feelings about the new baby that might not be acceptable otherwise.https://chubbydoll.shop/chucky-doll/

Playing with dolls is not simply about social and emotional learning for your child. Additionally, those tiny hands and fingers are becoming strengthened (a precursor to writing, shoe-tying, etc.) As they use language to express their thoughts and behaviours, they are developing their language skills. Children can learn in all subject areas through doll play.

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Set out a shallow container of water, a bar of soap, or a pump bottle with some shampoo and the remaining water. Include a towel. Give your kid permission to practise bathing his dolls.

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